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    Hey! You can call me Cheeto - I know the username is a bit long (or CCCA, or C3A - your choice! Also, the name is cut off - the last word is "alfredo" but it was a bit too much.) I am a hobbyist writer who wishes to share their work with the people on this site. It seems pretty relaxed and friendly here, and since I’m a little anxious about sharing my work, I thought this would be a good place to start. I write original fiction - often times my works’ genres will include: supernatural, action, and fantasy, though after working with these genres I hope to spread out into different genres in the future (romance, contemporary, etc.) Most of my stories will be longer reads - typically anywhere from ~60,000 - 80,000 words with some wiggle room on the high or low end. I hope you enjoy them (and constructive feedback in the comments is welcome.) I also hope to blog about things such as writing advice, writer questions, and, well, just writing related things in general. Likes: Fruit (except for mangoes and papaya), chicken, beef, reading, drawing, painting, writing (of course), music, sleep, winter, spring. Dislikes: Math, History class, school in general really, waking up early, fireworks (unless they're far away enough, they give me panic attacks), arguments, public speaking, really aggressive people, and....that's all I can really list. Favorite movies/anime: My Hero, Jujutsu Kaisen, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Charlotte, K-On, A Silent Voice Future Career(s): Writer, Comic Artist I hope you all like the work I share on Penana. I look forward to meeting you all! - Cheeto
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Writing Advice Blog Page

Hello! This is just a blog post to share writing tips and advice! (Be it grammar tips, character-writing advice, how to plot a story, etc.!)  I’ll try to update as frequently as possible and I hope my advice can help!

-From, Cheeto♥️

Update - 11 • 13 • 21: New issue posted on this page! If you want to learn more about plot structure, or simply review it, check it out!

Update - 11 • 14 • 21: New issue on this page! If you’ve been having writer’s block, check out the issue to help you combat it!

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