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    Hey! I'm your friendly neighborhood writaholic. (Move over Peter Parker, I’m ripping off your line now.) You can find me intently typing on my laptop or staring into space. Don’t mind me, I’m either thinking about or working on a story. On here, I’m just a good ol’ hobbyist writer looking to maaaaybe actually publish some work in…. some years. Don’t know how many, but some. As of now, my writing journey is just some bumpy ride with downs and ups — I like to think more ups, usually. So feel free to join me on this venture of mistakes, improvements, learning curves, and celebrations. :) (Oh yeah, my pen name used to be 'CheetoCheetoChickenAlfredo' - strange name, I know - but that was way too long, so just call me Cheeto.) - She/they - Fallout Boy/ The Score/ Alec Benjamin/ NF fan - Am currently very into urban fantasy, superhero/superpower, action, and dystopia-types of stories. Oh, and monsters. Monsters in fiction is just *chef kiss.* - Mostly writes OG fic; fanfic is OK but I don’t really write it. - Likes: anime (not a huge fan though), Webtoons, music, writing, painting, art - Dislikes: loud noises, exhaustion, dizziness, racism/sexism/homophobia/etc., being anxious, public speaking, etc. I hope you all enjoy my work here and let me know what you think of it! ~ Cheeto ❤
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Writing Advice Blog Page

Hello! This is just a blog post to share writing tips and advice. Be it grammar tips, character-writing advice, storyline, pacing, and so on. I’ll try to update as frequently as possible, and I hope my advice can help. 

- Cheeto ♥️