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    Name: E.G Gender: She/Them LGBTQ+: Bisexual Favourite Subjects: Palaeontology, Human Anatomy, Physics, English, Creative Writing, Daydreaming Favourite Films/TV: Free Guy, Dune (2021), Primeval (TV series), Steven Universe, The Owl House, Halo: Mona Lisa Favourite Video Games: Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Roblox, Minecraft, Surviving Mars, Sims 4, Warpath, SimplePlanes, SimpleRockets, Need For Speed: No Limits, SPECIES: Artificial Life Real Evolution, Space Engineers, Terraria, Stellaris Loves: Creative Writing, Storytelling, Worldbuilding, Character Design, Fantasising about Characters, Roleplaying, Chocolate Milkshake, Most Pasta Dishes (Especially Pasta Carbonara), Playing Virtual Piano, Vibing on Phone, Gaming Likes: SSSniperWolf, Reading, Watching TV, Trying New Foods, LaurenZSide, Helping out Others, Going to School, Shopping Dislikes: That Vegan Teacher, Most Fruit, Eating Most Fish, Being Told Off, Crying, Past Life, Hospital (But she does get a treat on Friday there), Being in crowded places, Her parents, Being Outside at Night Hates: Citrus Fruit Favourite Quote: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein Bio: E.G is a student writer currently studying her GCSE’s. Despite being in the younger population of under 18’s on Penana, her large vocabulary and ability to write long chapters with thousands of words impresses her peers. Originally, she started out as a fan fiction writer on Wattpad, having realised she had the knack for story writing a year after she did a weird SCP-Roblox crossover based on one of the SCP games on Roblox. It would be another year until she realised it however, now having moved up a year. Since then, she has done mostly Steven Universe and Primeval, plus some crossovers. For her future job she wishes to study fossils and be a Palaeontologist, but whilst she waits and studies hard, she turns her attention to book writing. As it stands, she is currently writing her own book named Starfall Initiative.
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Starfall Initiative: Behind The Pages

A blog relating to updates and new chapters of my upcoming novel, Starfall Initiative.