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    Hey! I'm your friendly neighborhood writaholic. (Move over Peter Parker, I’m ripping off your line now.) You might find me on my laptop or phone a lot, or just staring into space, and I might not talk too much at all. Don’t mind me, I’m either thinking about or working on a story. My pen name used to be 'CheetoCheetoChickenAlfredo' - strange name, I know - but that was way too long, so you can either call me CCCA, C3A, or just Cheeto. Your choice. I am a hobbyist writer as of now who writes original fiction. Most of my stories will be typically anywhere from ~50,000- 80,000 words with some wiggle room on the high or low end. Unless if they’re meant to be shorter than that. I hope you enjoy them (and constructive feedback in the comments is welcome.) Usually I like high, urban, or modern/contemporary fantasy, as well as stories with a lot of action. I also hope to blog about things such as writing advice, writer questions, and, just writing related things in general. I'm a fan of anime, drawing, music (Fall Out Boy and NF for life) and, well, of course, writing, though that was obvious. I hope to either be an author or comic artist of some sort as time goes on. But for now, I'll polish up on my storytelling and share my work here. I hope you all enjoy my work here and let me know what you think of it! - Cheeto ❤
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An Unrelated Collection of Stories

As the title says, this is a collection of random short stories that aren’t really connected to each other in any way. I decided I’d just do this for fun or when I have ideas that aren’t long enough for an entire novel.

Or I might try short little fan fictions, since I feel like I should explore that genre a bit further.

Either way though, I hope you like reading whatever’s posted on here! 

- Cheeto ♥️

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