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    So yeah, My name is Charity I am an author from rural Georgia (the sticks yay actually no we're right next to a major city so more like suburban?)

    So what do I like

    Light novels


    uh like good anime (that time I got reincarnated as a slime its intros are SICK)

    and an overwhelmingly large amount of Kpop(BTS) and like boy bands (one direction, the like) I also like the weeknd and high school musical + Tom holland is the best spider man and he can DANCE weird that he's British tho (I have nothing against british people, my grandmother was born in London but when you take ap gov and learn about the declaration of independence.... yeah that's all in the past after all, I wasn't alive back then and I prob wouldn't be here right now if britain hadn't done what it did so yeah thanks btw queen elizebeth is like IMMortAL).

    thats all i have to say

    btw lesbian rights gayness is greatness
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Transported to Another World by a God, Turned Into a Princess

A typical college student gets caught up in a god's spell and transported to another world. With no way to come back, she resolves to fulfill her dead great uncle's request... to do something meaningful with her life, and form meaningful bonds. On her way, she encounters many others who become her friends and companions, and ascends to a throne as a Princess!

Credits: All writing is done by me (Charity) feel free to comment and give me suggestions though

Illustrations: The map is done by me, and the cover is done by @RampanantStrawberry.