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Short Story
The Untold story of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
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Writer Neeka River
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The Untold story of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
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Neeka River
Nov 21, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CnilgcTbjSHjLQ49ibGnposted on PENANA

Chapter 10copyright protection80PENANA1aZQMf98SK

Monroe:copyright protection80PENANAtu7MPnZJzj

Gale and I quickly followed behind Ashley, Becka, and Sleepy to the back of the dark room. Ashley with surprising strength grabbed a hold of two crevices and moved the perfectly concealed stone from the entrance into another room. Sleepy whom looked ready to fall asleep at any moment slips through the small opening before the stone is fully pulled away with me and Gale struggling to keep as quiet as possible with all our metal coverings to keep up with her astonishing nimble pace. Looking ahead of Sleepy, my eyes fell on the glass coffin that held Rachael. She doesn’t like she was hurt, but I couldn’t be too sure from my view point. At some point, I finally stop next to Sleepy catching my breath while Gale is just a moment behind me breathing just as heavily as me.copyright protection80PENANABgDn6IwpTd

“Lovers in place? Copy.” Sleepy answers back quietly through the low volumed walkie talkie. copyright protection80PENANAMVoMLa1VjT

“Ready over.” Sleepy then smashes the walkie talkie on the ground and points to the glass coffin fifty feet away. I am about to shoot out to the cover of the nearest table in the direction of the coffin, but is held back by both Sleepy and Gale. The lights suddenly start flickering on and off making everybody in the room freeze. A crash suddenly echoes through the large room and a small skinny old women emerged into the room holding a small lantern. The woman’s footsteps are light, yet full of purpose as she walks right next to the table I was hidden under. I turned slightly to look at Gale whose eyes widened as he began rolling his eyes to my left. I was confused only for a moment before I understood his meaning and turned back around slowly scanning the room for Sleepy. For a person with such a nickname as Sleepy, it is a wonder how she can move so fast. Eventually, Gale and I spy her again. She’s on the other side of Rachael’s glass positioning the largest fireworks I’ve ever seen next to who I guess is Sneezy skillfully sneezing silently. They are not even a full three feet away from the witch mixing together a burping concoction on a table left of Rachael’s coffin. copyright protection80PENANAFNoNAdbzWK

“Crash!” My blood froze as the witch stopped mixing her pot and walked by so close to me that I had to hold my breath to keep from her feeling my breath on her youngful leg. I had just barely caught Becka’s wink before she stood up next to shattered glass before I heard whizzing coming up behind me right by my right ears.copyright protection80PENANATy0xW7ftx9

Gale:copyright protection80PENANAGk446Qf8Ly

I shot out my magic cover Monroe milliseconds before Sleepy and Sneezy’s firework missile could rip off his right ear and I swiftly duck also. copyright protection80PENANA1rlpeVDqvA

Boom!copyright protection80PENANAao9bV5jbyQ

I wince hearing the old woman cackle humorestly. Even after years of listening to some of the oldest people of my kind, I’ve never gotten use to the cackle some will use to scare off those not of our kind. I pause for a moment of reflection before ducking down as Sleepy sets off more fireworks. copyright protection80PENANAkfbokhfzp0

“You’ll have to do better than this puny humans.” That settles the crazy idea I have in my head and I sense everybody else follow suit with whatever duty they were assigned to do. copyright protection80PENANA7rrtRGov6T

Boom! Boom! Boom!copyright protection80PENANA6hifselMpU

Isabella:copyright protection80PENANADK9O8u6o3w

Thwack! copyright protection80PENANAobXQEPx2kE

The witch turns to the opening where we all came from to see Grumpy throwing more compressed balls of whatever is in the black pot Doc is tilting towards Grumpy. copyright protection80PENANAWqVfGou2aT

“Oh that’s the signal. Time to start chanting,” Dopey says between me and Snow. I look over at Snow with a nod and she nods back ready to start the chant. Before either of us can rise, however, we are yanked back down by random roots shooting up from the ground. copyright protection80PENANAWNE6CMAIbE

“Wait!” Dopey says and points to the witch convulsing on the ground in the middle of the room. I gasp as smoke starts to rise out of all of the witch’s pores and mold themselves in gaseous forms. copyright protection80PENANAezPcqu1Yxm

“Come forth my minions and wage war against those who wish to stop my work.” I recognize this spell. Once it is completed nothing can stop it: even if the witch or warlock who uses the spell dies it won’t stop the translucent minions from completing the task they were given. I turn to nod at Dopey before yanking Snow to stand up with me. copyright protection80PENANACtNxJtVdw6

“Nevermind the other chant repeat after me and no matter what happens don’t stop speaking okay!” I start the chant used to weaken other spells before Snow can respond and Snow thankfully starts mimicking me while Dopey rapidly starts her own chanting different from ours that will form a protective barrier over me and Snow to protect us from anything the witch will probably try to use to stop us from the completing the spell-weakening chant. copyright protection80PENANA7sULzwyafJ

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