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Witches were always known for having blue hair, for almost always being women, to get their powers by feeding on male energy, and being able to have extremely long lifetimes. The lesser known aspect of witches is that if they find their 'fated man' and stay with them, their man will live longer. Well, that and there's only about 40 spells one witch can obtain in their lifetime and usually they can only obtain 1 rare one.

Liam Hawthorne is the 9th of 12 children and only boy, so he thought it was his duty to become a knight like his Viscount father, but he's the only male witch of his generation. Growing up was tough, especially since once he turned ten people started doubting if he was a boy or not. His country also didn't allow witches to inherit a title from their parents, so one of his older sisters that wasn't a witch already inherited the Viscount title by the time Liam entered the Lorena Knight Training Academy.

Matthias Lorena was the third prince of the Lorena kingdom. He has two older brothers, two younger brothers, and a younger sister. He broke off his engagement with his former fiancée due to witnessing her cheating on him with multiple men.

What will fate have in store for these two?

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