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Young Adult
Love Song

This is the story of Lynn Owens, a teenage girl who had it all. The love of her life, her family, and even money. She knew she needed nothing more. Insert Grace Lynch, and Lynn felt like the happiest girl alive.

...Until the unthinkable happened. When Grace is left comatose in the aftermath of something awful, Lynn is destroyed, fraught, and unsure of how to feel about anything. Lynn continued to fight, deciding that staying strong and being with Grace was the best option. However, as hard as Lynn tried to keep herself together, the evil of man and the darkness within herself had come out on top.

Lynn finally shattered and what came with that was a yearning for numbness. She spiraled out of control, falling into the world of Heroin and Benzos. Further and further she fell, until she was placed into The Oregon Mental Health and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center by her parents and a lone friend. Alone and scared, she was now forced to look at herself...and a pair of familiar faces.

Can Lynn take a step forward without taking another two backwards?

What happens when Lynn meets the problematic singer and songwriter, Jay Ward? With anger issues and an appetite for destruction, could Jay be exactly what Lynn needs? Could Lynn be exactly what Jay needs? Or are they one another's downfall? Will Grace return to Lynn?

Can Lynn pick up the pieces and regain what once was?

Young Adult
Time Changes Everything


"You can burn years away doing nothing, but there's beauty in that nothing because it's only a canvas."

「TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING」takes us all the way back to 2008, where skinny jeans, heavy music, and colored hair were abundant. This is where we meet the humble beginnings of Playing With Fire, who are stuck in a seemingly constant carousel of changing members with the exceptions of the brazenly eccentric Erin Edgars and perpetual womanizer Noah Haley.

Along with the duo that kept Playing with Fire glued together, we meet the complicated Mathew "Matty" Cullen, the talented guitarist and vocalist for the rapidly-ascending Hollower.

Then there was the key that brought together all three of the musicians. The formerly homeless, skateboard-wielding Alessa Howard. After a string of events at home, Alessa is all but left alone on the streets. While resorting to the only option she had to fill her stomach, she unwittingly follows the talented Mathew Cullen into the world of music, where she not only discovers her passion, but meets another few specials friends - and more.

But what happens when tragedy strikes the band?

Will they fall apart, or will they come back stronger than before? How will Alessa handle herself when her demons start returning to shore, will she trying to bury them again or will she face them head on? What will Alessa do when life decides to throw her another curveball, will she reject that curveball or will she accept it with open arms? Will time heal their wounds?

Can time truly change everything?