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The Blake Johnson Files Part One: Hope

"Five and a half years ago... that's when I started to fear what love could do to me." - Blake Johnson

This branch of the InfinityVerse came to me, like all the rest, in a dream. However this particular tale started in a dream caused by my Uncle David and I discussing government entities, and the liberties their agents could go to in order to enact justice. I.E. Whose better? The FBI of CIA? Answer?


Who are they? Guess you'll just have to read and find out!

It's been over half a decade since the death of Serenity, Blake's fiancee, and Katrina, their unborn daughter, sparked his sudden retirement from a mysterious government agency, and his disappearance from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Metropolitan area. In those five years, the mysterious cowboy Casanova has settled down for a new life in a town known as Hope. However, just when his Play Boy ways start to stabilize into a real life with the Sheriff of Hope, Veronica Anderson, a threat from his past resurfaces to disrupt the new life he has built. Blake must face his past, and decide whether or not to pick back up the badge as he faces what may be the most dangerous threat he's ever been up against.

Book one of The Blake Johnson Files Trilogy, a branch of The InfinityVerse of novels.

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The Blake Johnson Files Part One: Hope is Available on Amazon in it's completed form.

PG-13 Completed