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Young Adult
Found Again

Effie White is a 17-year-old girl. A year ago she was broken, if you asked her today she probably would say she still is because some scars can never be fixed until someone sees how to fix the unfixable.

That is until she comes across a group after her tutor recommends she try and find friends and people to connect with outside of college, this introduces her to Annie, Mark, West and Rose along with the rest of the support group for people who need someone to talk to, but what surprises her the most is that a couple of times a week her ex will show up to meetings with the group, and what she soon realises is that maybe everyone is broken but in a beautiful way.


Effie White

Age: 17Effie White is a 17-year-old girl. A year ago she was broken, if you asked her today she probably would say she still is because some scars can never be fixed until someone sees how to fix the unfixable.Effie has wavy brown hair with tints of red due to dying her hair a couple of months ago, with bright blue eyes, someone like Effie wouldn't usually stand out in the crowd, but Effie is different. She has a disability called cerebral palsy which affects her ability physically, she can't walk and has to have help with a lot of things, including daily tasks. Effie would see this as a bad thing because many people have to come into her life and leave again, this is why she probably tries to keep everyone in her life such as friends and family around her, even if they cause pain and leave her emotionally scarred. After being broken up with a year ago, she is still trying to come to terms with everything that's happened over the past year, from losing her friends to losing the person she thought she never lose and hearing through the grapevine that the person has moved on has taken a toll on her, she's scared to let people in and see who she really is, but what if she came across a group of people who couldn't care less about her past?Annie Summers

Age: 17Classed as the so called "it" girl. Many people think that Annie Summers has everything, perfect family, perfect friends, perfect grades and a perfect boyfriend, but they couldn't be more wrong.In reality everything is falling apart for Annie, her parents are getting divorced, her friends are bullies, she's failing most of her classes except for dance and her boyfriend cheated with her Best friendAnnie has blonde hair, tanned skin and emerald green eyes, has slight issues with how she looks because of her cheating ex boyfriend.Rose McNeal

Age: somewhere between 17 and 19 but unsureRose McNeal is your average girl, but not really. Rose is the quietest person you'll ever meet but when she speaks, you can guarantee it will be the truth. Rose has straight black hair and forest brown eyes with flecks of green and blue, which she hides behind thick rimmed glasses.Unlike the others, Rose doesn't have issues per say, she just doesn't talk. Rose only communicates via facial expressions and rarely ever talks unless it's neccersary, which is why people don't know a lot about her.Mark Burton

Age: 18Mark Burton has issues, and saying anything less would be discriminatory. He has trust issues and mental health issues, which is not a great combination to begin with.With the classic geeky but attractive looks, Mark has been in several different relationships, all of which have ended disastriously in several different ways. Mark also doesn't have a very good relationship with either of his parents or family in general. Mark is in a relationship at the moment but is terrified of making the same mistakes and losing someone else.West Hammond

Age: 19West Hammond has no issues or so he says, because in this day and age everyone has issues, whether there big or small, and when he first meets Effie, everything for him begins to change.

West has the athletic style look with grown/dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but don't let that fool you, he's secretly sensitive and rather smart on the inside, but no one gives him a chance to show it. Nearly everyone's first impression of West is that he's your typical college athlete and jerk, who doesn't care about anyone's feelings and opinions, until they see him with Effie.Seth Grover

Age: 17Seth and Effie have a complicated relationship, past and present, this is the guy who broke Effie's heart into unrecognisable pieces and left her with no explanation why. He keeps popping in and out of her life.

But Seth has his reasons. Seth may pretend like everything is fine, but that's a lie. He uses alcohol and drugs to try and escape reality but eventually it will come crashing down like a ton of bricks and the weight could be too much to bear on your own with no one there to support you. Seth's family life is very complicated, he feels as though his family doesn't care, which then he feels gives him an excuse to act like a jerk, but when he sees that there is people out there who want to help, will he let them in? Or is it too late for some people to be saved?

Dreams in Ikimono

book one of five of the dreams in ikimono series

The world as Mercy Cosmides knows is beginning to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?

School is back in session and just in time for the beginning of high school for Mercy Cosmides and her friends. Her and a special race of people: the hybrids on the Isle of Ikimono are joining together to change things; but change is coming to them in a different way. For the first time, someone from The Other World has made their way onto the island. Is she safe for the hybrids to reveal themselves to or can she not be trusted?


I'm not exactly sure, but this story may need a R rating, but it doesn't get too dark until the rest of the series. Please tell me if I should update the rating at any point throughout the writing of this story. I believe it should be a PG-13 rating due to curses and small references to a dark topic that will be further dug into later.

making of:

This story first started off as a fantasy royalty book(wow look at how much this changed) and the only character that I ended up carrying over from the original version was Allison Berrycloth, but she changed. A lot. Then ideas from dreams of mine filtered in to give me the hybrids I've grown to love. Then more random things and scenes filtered in for over two years in my mind to give me this wonderful story of The Hybrid Club. It wasn't until August or September of 2018 when I finally started to write basic overviews of scenes, then in November of 2018, I began to write the chapters and now we're here.