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The First Alive

Do you think that those crisis or disease came by nothing? Do you think each empire fell with no reasons? DO you believe that before all of the creatures,there are few creatures with power and knowledge to create life and destroy them? Well,I think you'll be mind blown.

Before all is started,there are known four creatures in the planet:

The New-Born, a huge fox-like creature but no related to any fox species because it has nine tails.Some called it the nine-tails but some just called them the god of fox but remember,it is no fox.It can create creatures and terrible monsters by its power.

The Earth-Hunger, it is a giant worm that could shallow anythings of the surface in the world.If we encountered this monster unfortunately,the teeth is like a wheel to crush all our bones into pieces.

The Marine-Speedster, a shark-like monster with high speed in the sea but it is only lived in the sea so that could be a nightmare to the pirates and sailors.It was an emperor of the sea and believed marine creatures obeyed it in the ancient age until now.

The Darkness-King,a human-skull-like monster with a dark cloud around and it was able to fly and control the undead,no one could escape from death and it is the death itself.

All of them are called the First-born or devil units in the modern term.They all are known as the guardians or signs of chaos,darkness and calamity.Their abilities is belong to different kind or area of hazards happened in our planet before we have some heroes to weaken and lock them up into the abyss or prison.

Nowsaday,those hazards was occured by their little force and some followers but the cage is being weak and they will break the prison one day.However, we are just humans,how could we stop these kind of Monsters??