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Fateless: The Silver Lining

It has been ten years of peace for the Union since the end of the great war with the eastern barbarian tribes, yet in the cold north of the Union's land, a new threat is looming. This time, an ambitious Lord is seeking to restore the yore pride of his kin, forcing the weakened Union into yet another unwanted war, as he ramps up the ranks of his army with thieves, murderers and mercenaries.* * *The temperature inside the forge was nearly twice as high as the one outside. A black-haired girl hammered a steel ingot into the shape of a blade. The heat of the steam was draining her stamina away, but her focus remained sharp as her sweat streamed down her face. Hit after hit, for hours, the sound of the hammering steel followed the rhythm of her breathing. Exhausted, she placed the blade into the water and wiped the sweat off her face using a drenched rag.

Why are they screaming?

Vatra dipped the rag back in the water, twisted it, and approached the window. Her mouth opened as her world shattered again into the living nightmare she had wilfully tried to forget. She bit her lips; it wasn’t a dream. The pulse of her heart rose. A cold sweat prickled her back. A mother was running, and a child was screaming. A torrent of smoke was emerging from the roof of her neighbour. Vatra’s eyes blinked. The mother lay on the ground, a spear through her back. A torch circled in the air and landed on the roof of her workshop. In the distance, a man wearing a banner well known to the world…

Fateless is a philosophical medieval dark low fantasy centered on war, militaristic campaigns and geopolitical conflicts between multiple empires. This story follows the fate of Vatra, a former slave from the eastern Nar Empire who was raised in a culture far away from her own, forced into warfare against her will, and the fate of Lanaya, an ambitious half-angel exiled from her home whose existence is seen as heresy. As they wished for peace, both chose a path opposed to one another until their fate crossed. In this story where war dictates the law, love strikes them as a poisoned balm to which they grasp for with all their might, as it is in the darkest of times that the smallest flames may burn the brightest.

* * *

Tome 1 already completed and available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Fateless-Silver-Hugo-Emmanuel-Simard-Wallot/dp/B09LGSH1KK

Starting at chapter 21, releases will be bi weekly for a while.

Some Story Lore on Decca: The Battle of Cards

Hi, I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their support on this story that is still very much a work in progress. If you are interested, this will be some lore to the story, no spoilers of course. I'm just one writer working on this story and if you are interested in learning more about it or you enjoy it and want to express what you like and even what you don't like, do not hesitate to leave me a comment. Please be patient due to story just being a hobby of mine and time for me is limited. Enjoy!

Decca Story Origins and Thoughts:

Decca: The Battle of Cards story started off as a simple concept, Iwanted to build a story centered around powerful cards and I'm a big fanof trading card games of course, so it was a no brainer what the coreof the story would be about.  As a big fan of Shōnenanime,like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho etc., I wanted to fuse mypassion for trading card games and anime by creating a story thatcenters around interesting characters that battle each other withtrading cards. Yeah, I know the concept hasbeen done before.However, my idea took a bit of inspiration from anime like Naruto justto name an example, where the characters learn techniques using theirhands to summon elemental and other type of abilities. For my story thecards would be key for the fights. Characters would be involved infast-paced action but of course using different cards in order to summonthe different techniques and elemental abilities. There could besomething out there, a comic book, another novel, a video game even thatprobably has a similar concept or basic elements to my idea. Well, Ihaven't come across it just yet. Any similarities is just coincidental.The debut of this story, the first rough draft, was posted originally onStorywars.com. This site no longer exists unfortunately, but turns outthat my story really didn't take off on that platform. (If you do alittle of investigating on Storywars.com you'll understand.) I decidedto take it and expand on it and eventually I was able to create 8chapters (Still a work in progress.) However, I decided to give up on itfor a time due to lack of response from an audience. I kept fixing andadding to the story little by little. I officially added all 8 roughdraft chapters to websites like DeviantArt, Booksie and Wattpad to name afew. I got a lot of hits on Booksie.com but Wattpad.com andDeviantArt.com was not very successful.  (I even created many differenttypes of cards for the story and posted them on my   DeviantArt profile https://www.deviantart.com/eamproductions). But I kept at it and eventually found this awesome site. I decided thatif the story does take off I would dedicate more of my time to it. Onthis site I decided to take my time, take it slow and not rush and addall the rough draft chapters but instead see if there is enoughinterest. If I see the interest, I will dedicate more of my time todevelop and edit each upcoming chapter. Thanks for reading and yoursupport. - X Caliber - Take care!

Wait! I Wrote That? (A Collection of Old, Horrific Stories)


Saddened by her lonely life, a little girl named Victoria Christie uses her inventive imagination to write stories. Now that she's an older individual, she must find a way to share her tale with the world.


Victoria Christie never expected to be a writer, but everything changed in 4th grade when she annoyed her mother at a barber shop. She told Victoria to write in her school notebook, which sparked her daughter's life-long passion for writing.

Now, many years later, Victoria is eager to share her story-through an interactive novel that showcases how her writing has changed overtime and what hardships she faced in order to keep her island of personality-especially after her brother's unfortunate death in 2021.

With the power of writing and her brother's legacy about her becoming a successful author, will Victoria's old stories spark the interest of an audience? Will they interact with her and tell her how her incomplete pieces should end, or will Victoria forever remain an undiscovered author?

This is an anthology of my old stories. Most are incomplete, so it's up to my audience to decide how they should end. This is the story of how I became Viktoria Fyodorova.

Let the cringe begin!


What You'll Find in This Book:

1.) 35 fun-filled chapters of my oldest stories.

2.) 11 short memoir stories--no more than 1,000 words each--that share the most important times of my writing career.

3.) A whole overview of my history as a writer!

4.) There's also a bonus chapter about how this memoir came to be!

2nd Draft

Genre (s): Creative Nonfiction/Coming-of-Age, with a touch of Magical Realism. Word Count: 200,000-250,000

First Seed

University was Erin’s chance to begin a normal life free from an emotionally erratic mother who treated her daughter’s chronic illness like a personal project. The mysterious disorder Erin had been born with not only threatened her life, but altered her appearance with traits that didn’t come from either of her parents. Icy white-blue eyes and exceptional height attracted more than second-glances in her rural California hometown. For eighteen years she was treated like a fragile doll who was the unspoken cause of everything broken in her family. Now in a dorm room shared only by a spider, Erin was able to redefine herself.

Symptoms of her illness flared just when she was finally feeling in control. On her dorm room floor she convulsed as a burning itch erupted from the nape of her neck, going down her spine and through her veins. As consciousness faded she was unable to recognize the imposing figure leaning over her. When Erin’s senses returned, she found herself further from home than ever before. In the house of a tall stranger, she discovered that her greatest wish had come true: her illness was cured. Although contrary to how she’s always imagined, the moment was far from the answer to all her problems. The stranger revealed that Erin’s birth and illness had world changing implications. Erin soon realized she was anything but in control of the chaos to come.