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Young Adult

❝Fear those who look into the fire and smile❞Calida never believed in mythical creatures. To her, they were just that: myths. Beautiful yet dangerous creatures that she read about in fantasy books. She dreams of the stories her grandmother would tell her as a child, which never quite left her after she grew out of her childhood.When she meets Lucien, she thinks of his as nothing more than a pretty blond boy with captivating amber eyes who has become her sister Thea's newest flavor of the month. That is, until Thea is killed, and Calida is abducted by him.Calida is thrusted into a world that she'd only heard of in stories. She is taken to Paradise, where she learns of Lucien's people: the mythical creatures known as phoenixes, and their Phoenix Queen, who after her first thousand years, died. However, the Queen was not reborn inside her nest. For almost a decade, the Phoenixes lived with no queen. Then, they discovered Calida. Convinced by her indisputable resemblance to the Queen, they believe that she is the Queen reborn.She is treated as royalty in Paradise, and everyting is so new and peculiar. One thing she knows for sure, however, is that she is not the real queen, and a few Phoenixes know it too. However, when a new species threatens to take over Paradise, they are even more desperate for a queen to lead them, and she must step up to the throne. Mistakes will be made, as Calida is in no way fit to rule a species. However, she must be the person she is not, play the present of a past she did not live, or find the true Phoenix Queen herself.