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Lighthouses and Lightning Strikes

Dear Reader,

Say you're walking in Central Park; it's dark, storming, but that's not realistic. What normal person walks in Central Park at night, it's dangerous and what cheap person walks in a storm. I mean, really? Shell out the extra fifteen, maybe twenty, dollars for a cab. Now enter Sally Jackson pulling little four-year-old Percy behind her, every so often checking over her shoulder. She was rushing to get back to their apartment before the storm got even worse.

Now that I have set the scene for this story and captured your attention. I will tell you of how Clio Jackson came to be, in a limited style. Because her past is so mysterious that even I remain in the dark.

With it established that Sally Jackson is no normal person, let me give you another scenario. A little blonde girl, barely two years old, huddled under a park bench soaked to the bone and quaking in fear. What would you do? Run far away because little children alone are understandably creepy; I mean we all saw The Shining,with the two blonde twins. Or maybe you'd call the police, but you never approach the girl.

Sally Jackson did just that and took the little girl in her arms. Only noticing the large cut on her leg, which had been why she'd been clutching at it. Being a woman used to the world of Greek "mythology" she took a small canteen, pouring just enough ambrosia to spread over her cut. A precaution in case the child had been mundanely human. Watching it heal the girl quit crying, and then and there Sally Jackson decided that she would come with them. Because why not add another demi-god to the family?

Twelve years later is when the fun begins.


the Author