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Dreams in Ikimono

book one of five of the dreams in ikimono series

The world as Mercy Cosmides knows is beginning to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?

School is back in session and just in time for the beginning of high school for Mercy Cosmides and her friends. Her and a special race of people: the hybrids on the Isle of Ikimono are joining together to change things; but change is coming to them in a different way. For the first time, someone from The Other World has made their way onto the island. Is she safe for the hybrids to reveal themselves to or can she not be trusted?


I'm not exactly sure, but this story may need a R rating, but it doesn't get too dark until the rest of the series. Please tell me if I should update the rating at any point throughout the writing of this story. I believe it should be a PG-13 rating due to curses and small references to a dark topic that will be further dug into later.

making of:

This story first started off as a fantasy royalty book(wow look at how much this changed) and the only character that I ended up carrying over from the original version was Allison Berrycloth, but she changed. A lot. Then ideas from dreams of mine filtered in to give me the hybrids I've grown to love. Then more random things and scenes filtered in for over two years in my mind to give me this wonderful story of The Hybrid Club. It wasn't until August or September of 2018 when I finally started to write basic overviews of scenes, then in November of 2018, I began to write the chapters and now we're here.