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"It's like this dire wolf is a different breed of werewolf. Something... that's beyond Mankind and even the moon goddess herself"

Phoebe parker has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her clumsy and mouthy behavior and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty.

It's been a year since her Alpha gave her a punishment, and she's been walking on her toes to keep her head clear and sane. But now, all that has being threatened to be taken away from if she doesn't abide by the Alpha's rules by marrying his son Jasper and becoming the Luna of the Darkmoon pack.

At the same time, A certain gossips have been circulating around the pack, Mentions of a Dire wolf Alpha looking for a new pack to claim and his destined mate

Phoebe thinks nothing of everyone else decisions. That is until she met the beast himself.

Wise people has been going around with the story that Three thousand years ago, the world's most strongest pack fell to a single blood dire wolf. Nobody knew how one person could defeat an entire pack of werewolves. Or what he had done to emerge victorious in the bloodshed that occured that faithful day. Nobody talked and nobody knew much of the one who became a dire wolf so fast in the blink of an eye.

One thing was for sure, and that's that in a mere few hours, the leading pack of the world had finally fallen. The Greek Empire wasn't built in a day. But it certainly fell in one fucking day.

After this certain dire wolf in the shadows gained the title of Alpha, he held it quietly. Connections were cut off with his new pack. What happened within those borders were a mystery to the rest of the world. But rumors seem to have their way of spreading. Nobody knows what really happened to the Alpha to make him a dire wolf.

People talked of this new Dire Alpha spilling blood at every turn. How he would slaughter dozens without even being provoked. That this one dire wolf was so absurdly powerful that he ruled by himself: no Luna, no Beta, no adversaries. Yet nobody knew what drove him to become ruthless and blood thirsty.

Three long years this went on. Eventually any more news of the pack became silent. Until one day, it became loud enough for the news to spread around. That day, something happens that shakes every werewolf to their core.

The Dire wolf Alpha is Banished.

Driven away from his own claimed territory.

The pack struggled to rebuild after that, left Alpha-less and weak. But they were no longer anyone's concern. The world had their eyes on the one whom they threw out instead.

Word spread rapidly that the dire wolf Alpha is with a vengeance. That he roams the woods, trespassing from territory to territory just looking for another pack to claim. And To rule once again.

Every werewolf across the packs quivers. On edge and cautious. Doing whatever they can to prepare themselves, to ward off the Ruthless monster lurking somewhere out in the dark woods.

And the Darkmoon pack is no exception. Although their new Alpha has a different approach to the threat. And that is to forcefully take a Luna to fortify the pack's leadership and strength. The more leaders, the more intimidation to outsiders. Right? After all she's mine to tame.

Short Story
Still Holding On (COMPLETED)

"Bang" I dropped my bag on the floor, my throat tightened in pain. A look of surprise embraced me, i shook it off coughing out to clear my throat of the lump that as formed blocking out my airways.

"I don't understand, you were supposed to "be"------- with grandma she voiced, completing my sentence.

"Why are you doing this?

I stood tall, leaning on the door for support, praying silently to God I dont murder her here and now.

"She scuffed saying.. Aren't you the favorite daughter with two goody shoes?

The nerd who knows everything, does everything with perfection and stole our parents love she said venomously.

Everyone likes you better, where does that leave me uhn?

I never even had a chance to show them how much better i am than you.

Kaddy why are you so insensitive? The questions were piled up in me and I needed to let it go.

I am your twin sister for Christ sake, your blood I muttered lowly. Why wont you see that? Why do you always have to turn everything into a competition i yelled out loud with tears running down my face.

I gazed at him for a moment, ignoring my presence, he intentionally grabbed her face planting a soft kiss on her lips.

I clutched my chest tightly, gasping out for breath. I couldn't believe she stooped so low to prove a meaningless point of been better.

I can't believe he would choose her over me, i wiped my face dry with the back of my sleeves, there is no point hanging around and with that i ran out of there.

Sweety, Mrs Elena tried stopping me but i ran past her slamming the door shut, walking as fast as my legs could carry me, I want to be out of this mansion as fast as possible.

G Completed

Intelligent,pretty,wealthy,funny.....Sara Kingstonis the perfect girl everyone has in mind. With two men competing for her attention,can she rise to what everyone expects of her?


Dangerous and cold hearted. The most eligible businessman and the most powerful. A Billionaire with jaw-dropping looks: Levi Blackford, laid his eyes on a girl when he had nothing. Now he wants her for himself since he has achieved everything.Can he outwit everyone else and claim her heart?


Football legend Dominic Valeriohas the paparazzi after him 24/7. He's one of the most attractive and energetic players the sport world has ever seen. He had a life he was A-okay with....but his life is turned upside down when a mysterious girl tumbles onto him...and into his life as well. Now,he's strongly determined to get her affection.



Destiny has made its matches. Can the pairs agree to fate's decisions?     (ORIGINAL STORY ON WATTPAD: @LadyAmanda424)

Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Not much mature content,but I recommend it to 14+.

If you like the story,please do vote for it and invite your friends to read it. ^_^

(The story will become a bit fast paced when you hit the page mark. )

Young Adult
That's The Chaos Theory!!!

They say love is complicated, knows no bounds, blah blah blah. But can love flower out of the simple things in life such as a wallet?? Let's assume that it happened. So far so good, right?

Pfft. Thought it'd be easy? You're so wrong. Read on to find out about the endless trials thrown at these two people who're not even sure about what they're doing! Oh and don't forget to give your opinions and like it if it's good to read!

One thing however. This story is long with a capital 'L'. If you do not like stories with struggles and drama, that is; if you're looking for a short and sweet romance story, this is obviously not for you. Also, this story does not conform to a particular genre. It is a mix of Romance, school life, late teenage thoughts, drama, suspense, fights, angst, sorrow and humour, so as much as it'll cater to the tastes of many readers, there won't be any long scenes involving any one genre.

I started this work after reading a manga. Since it was rated 18+ and was completely illogical at many places, I thought of converting the whole thing into a literary work suitable for a younger audience. The effort it took? About two years of sitting in front of my computer. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Feedback is most welcome. I'm a college student so I'm packed with schedules, but I'll try to update my works at least once every two weeks. That's all for now. Go ahead and give it a read, hope you like it :)

Remember, reviews are food for authors so please don't forget to feed me on the way out!

PG-13 Completed