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Short Story
Sweet and Friendship

May had been consuming too much sweets since she was young. June noticed that during a gathering, and got worried. May was talking with August when June asked July about it. July told him that he had warned May, but she didn’t take him seriously.

One day, the four of them met again in another gathering. Oddly, May didn’t eat any sweet on the serving table. She only drank water, and took a seat far from everyone.

June and July saw that. They approached her. “Why are you sitting here, May? Everyone is near the serving table.” June asked. May forced a smile over her nervous expression. “Also, you didn't take the sweets. You usually liked them. Is there something wrong?” July asked worriedly.

May smiled sadly. “I watched a movie about diabetes a few days ago. That aspired me to check my own health. This morning, I’ve just taken my medical checkup report. The result is not as good as I thought. When I saw the sweets, I remembered the movie. I am a little paranoid right now.”

August joined the conversation. “Didn’t I tell you to listen to July’s warning on our last gathering?” Both June and July glared at August for his cold statement.

“You will be alright. You are still healthy. You only have to watch over what you eat.” July said reassuring May.

May turned to July. She apologized sincerely. “I am so sorry that I ignored your words last time.”

“It is okay. We are friends. Friends care and support each other. I am so glad that you are aware about your health now.”

The End

Hi, I am Estyfa. I am new here. Thank you for reading Sweet and Friendship. Your comments, critics, and advice are welcomed.