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Prank It

Jay smirked and looked around. No one was in sight. It was the perfect time to strike. He unzipped his bag full of supplies and got to work. When he was done, he giggled to himself. They'll never see it coming. He slipped out through the door and went to bed.

The next morning Jay woke up early. He wouldn't miss this prank for the world! He sat up, reading a comic book until his friends woke up.

"Good morning." Zane said.

"Mrnin." Cole mumbled from underneath his pillow.

"Just be glad Sensei's letting us sleep in." Kai stretched and yawned.

"We should get ready." Jay announced, not even a hint of joke or mischief in his voice.

"Yeah..." Cole said, dragging himself out of bed. He walked over to the bathroom, the others following close behind, Jay was in the back. Oh, this was gonna be good.

Cole opened the door and jumped and shouted as a bucket of water fell right on top of his head. Kai, Zane, and Jay snickered.

"Good one Jay." Kai patted his friend on the back.

"Why thank you." Jay smirked. However, he wasn't done yet. Cole opened a cabinet to get a towel, but along with the towels, fake snakes popped out and launched themselves at Cole.


"What? It's harmless!"

Zane opened his drawer and pulled out his toothbrush. He put on some toothpaste and began to brush away. He jerked in alarm when he realized that his teeth were turning purple.

"Jay!" He whined in annoyance.

Kai snorted.

Jay shrugged. "What? Food coloring in the toothbrush is a classic!"

Kai was so busy laughing, he didn't even think about the next target. He pulled out a can of hair gel and started spiking his hair. After about ten seconds he stopped.



"You are SO dead!"

Jay only laughed.

"What did he do?" Cole asked, rubbing the towel on his head.

"He replaced my hair gel with HONEY and Jello."

"Oohh! Jay!" Cole high-fived his friend.

"GET HIM!!" Kai shouted.

And with that, Cole Kai and Zane chased Jay out onto the deck, yelling and shouting. Unnoticed by them, Nya was standing in the middle of the deck with a mop, staring at her friends. Her brother with honey and jello in his hair, Zane with purple teeth, and Cole soaking wet all chasing after Jay.

She sighed. "Just another weekend in Ninjago."