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"It's like this dire wolf is a different breed of werewolf. Something... that's beyond Mankind and even the moon goddess herself"

Phoebe parker has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her clumsy and mouthy behavior and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty.

It's been a year since her Alpha gave her a punishment, and she's been walking on her toes to keep her head clear and sane. But now, all that has being threatened to be taken away from if she doesn't abide by the Alpha's rules by marrying his son Jasper and becoming the Luna of the Darkmoon pack.

At the same time, A certain gossips have been circulating around the pack, Mentions of a Dire wolf Alpha looking for a new pack to claim and his destined mate

Phoebe thinks nothing of everyone else decisions. That is until she met the beast himself.

Wise people has been going around with the story that Three thousand years ago, the world's most strongest pack fell to a single blood dire wolf. Nobody knew how one person could defeat an entire pack of werewolves. Or what he had done to emerge victorious in the bloodshed that occured that faithful day. Nobody talked and nobody knew much of the one who became a dire wolf so fast in the blink of an eye.

One thing was for sure, and that's that in a mere few hours, the leading pack of the world had finally fallen. The Greek Empire wasn't built in a day. But it certainly fell in one fucking day.

After this certain dire wolf in the shadows gained the title of Alpha, he held it quietly. Connections were cut off with his new pack. What happened within those borders were a mystery to the rest of the world. But rumors seem to have their way of spreading. Nobody knows what really happened to the Alpha to make him a dire wolf.

People talked of this new Dire Alpha spilling blood at every turn. How he would slaughter dozens without even being provoked. That this one dire wolf was so absurdly powerful that he ruled by himself: no Luna, no Beta, no adversaries. Yet nobody knew what drove him to become ruthless and blood thirsty.

Three long years this went on. Eventually any more news of the pack became silent. Until one day, it became loud enough for the news to spread around. That day, something happens that shakes every werewolf to their core.

The Dire wolf Alpha is Banished.

Driven away from his own claimed territory.

The pack struggled to rebuild after that, left Alpha-less and weak. But they were no longer anyone's concern. The world had their eyes on the one whom they threw out instead.

Word spread rapidly that the dire wolf Alpha is with a vengeance. That he roams the woods, trespassing from territory to territory just looking for another pack to claim. And To rule once again.

Every werewolf across the packs quivers. On edge and cautious. Doing whatever they can to prepare themselves, to ward off the Ruthless monster lurking somewhere out in the dark woods.

And the Darkmoon pack is no exception. Although their new Alpha has a different approach to the threat. And that is to forcefully take a Luna to fortify the pack's leadership and strength. The more leaders, the more intimidation to outsiders. Right? After all she's mine to tame.