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Claxton (Book 1)

Lost in a world he's not familiar with, a young claxton must navigate his way through college-all while enduring the terrifying truth that he's the most feared magical being in the world.                                                                                                    ***  Eighteen-year-old Tracey Freeburg has a secret: he's a merfairy-a rare being known as a claxton-who grew up on Merlin's Island, far out in the Atlantic Ocean. When Merlin the Great decides that he's too dangerous for his world, he puts Tracey under the care of two humans, Emilee and Jesse Freeburg, with hope they will stop him from becoming who he truly is.  Emilee and Jesse enroll Tracey in the College of Charleston-a campus not far from Merlin's Island-that will teach him how to navigate the Human and Magic Worlds. The young claxton, not thrilled about their decision, isolates himself, fearing that he will drag the students to their doom.  Regardless, Tracey grabs the attention of Luna Cora Anderson, one of his suite mates, who knows there is something up with the mysterious but sexy boy, who could very well become the next bad boy if he's not careful.  In order to succeed, Tracey must find his way around college's hardships: drugs, alcohol, etc. and learn why he is so special. With his tern friend, Gina, by his side and Luna, his story will go down in history as Charleston's K.T. Magic Murderer.                                                                                                    ***

3rd Draft

Genre (s): Dark Fantasy/Young Adult/and a bit of a murder mystery

PG Planning
Young Adult

En-pathos: in passion or suffering, from the greek word empatheia.

"If someone where to ask me if these 'gifts' are a blessing or a curse I would most definitely say its a curse. Dealing with me own life, emotions, memories and action is already hard enough but adding onto that without any control and so suddenly is certainly a curse but the gods."

Ember Hera is certainly an extraordinary or abnormal (however you see it that is), human being. Given a blessing or as she finds it, a curse, she is either way not normal. Even without her powers Ember has a past filled with sorrow and maybe pity when viewed by other people, losing her parents at the age of three and being raised by an aunt that is struggling herself is not easy. To add on to the fact she never got know her parents, she finds out her parents were murdered, brutally. A crime of passion maybe or just plain revenge Ember decides that she is going to catch the person responsible, but can she handle it? She's only 21 and still in college fighting everyday to be good student and study well, not only for a good job but for a job with great meaning to her. Will she be able to manage being a regular college student with these 'gifts' and trying to find her parents killer?

This story is categorized as a fantasy-mystery-thriller, with crime. And don't worry I don't write books without romance, but in the end it shows views of different perspectives that humans have to go through, it tells us that humans experience every emotion differently and gives an understanding that we cannot judge a persons behavior without looking at their emotions and memories that lead to their actions. That's my goal anyways, hope you enjoy!