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Young Adult
Dark Equilibrium


The nameless girl was still, floating there silently inside her blue-hued tank.

Little more than that azure glow lit the room, the rest cloaked in darkness. It was as if the beautiful figure had a holy light all of her own, one of the men thought, his wistful gaze regularly falling back upon her pale, bare body.

Those trails of dark hair, so long they surpassed her knees, rose and sank with the gentle pulsing of the water, leaving tiny bubbles to rise up once in a while from the very bottom of her solitary chamber.

It would have been a pitiful sight, were it not absolutely necessary.

Her arms bound tight behind her back, the hideous metal mask so painfully pressed against her fair face not only shut out all light from her view, but supported the tube that was supplying her oxygen, assuring them there was no chance of suffocation.

Complete sensory deprivation.

Meaning sight, sound, touch, everything had been cut off.

Many wires and cables tangled her sculpted frame, winding each limb like a growing vine, their ends poking into the flawless white skin, monitoring her condition at all times.

For the last few hours, all data read back exactly as they wanted. She was shut off completely from the world, as if subdued inside their very own makeshift womb.

The glass was thick, held in place by the strongest of metals. An entirely new system had been built for the sole purpose of containing this mysterious girl, just until management gave them further orders.

Judging from her readings and the lack of movement, she seemed to be unconscious. A most perfect result.

With some proud congratulations between one another, they left the room with little more than a final glance at the girl, sealing the place up tight and waltzing through the corridors toward the exit, where their precious cars awaited.

What they hadn't realised, however, is that while they had been talking, working, securing the facility, even leaving the building altogether...

Was that she had been listening all along.

As they said their goodbyes, as their engines roared to life, even as they sped far away, she could hear them.

She could hear it all.

Within the water and behind glass, it was a little muffled, but perfectly audible to her.

Their admiration of her appearance, their talks of what had to be done with her, none of it made sense at the time.

Nothing did.

But that didn't matter.

Her mind didn't need to think about any of it. Right then, it was her body that decided to act.

The system she had been so heartlessly wired to whirred to life, beeps and buzzes repeating over and over as the glass encasing her began to shudder.

Bit by bit, from the bottom and the top, large cracks danced their way down like sudden flashes of lightning, moving faster and faster until the glass shattered to pieces, shards flying outward as the water flooded the floor around the once secure chamber.

She fell forward, the wires ripping out from her skin before she hit the ground. The face mask supplying oxygen fell away with them, but the metal seal around her eyes remained firm.

Once the siren began to blast, she couldn't count on her ears to be much help. Such a loud and piercing sound flooded the entire building, echoing and bouncing off of every wall.

Her sight had been stolen away, beneath a mask that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not remove from her face. Especially with her arms strapped together tightly behind her.

The system that she had been attached to quickly followed suit, exploding into a messy mix of sparking electronics and loose, sharp metal.

Frightened and with her hands unavailable, she began to pound the ground with the heel of her foot.

Every minuscule vibration she could sense slowly helped her picture the room. After just a few moments, she figured out where every wall, table, chair and curious machinery would block her path.

Then, clambered upright and ran, trusting herself to not collide with any obstacles.

The door was electronic, only able to be opened with unique cards the employees would have to swipe in order to gain access.

She, however, didn't even notice this. The entire door, and parts of the wall beside it, blew apart as she came close, allowing her to continue running.

Pausing only to kick the wall a few times and piece together her surroundings, she made her way through the sizable building, up far too many sets of stairs until, at last, she found a window and, without hesitation, leapt through it.

The shattered glass followed her fall down two stories, though she landed relatively unharmed.

Immediately, she heard those workers returning, yelling out as they scrambled out of their vehicles and into the building.

There was no time to waste.

However, by the time they reached the room they had thought to be sealed so securely, she was already long gone.