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Young Adult
Ravenlight 1- Embers of the Past *PREVIEW*

"16YO Elise finds herself mixed with constant lies & betrayal as she attempts to prove her worth to her warrior people. As a Dark Force sweeps over the world unleashing ancient magics, the mystery surrounding her past only grows darker while her choices grow grimmer."

Elise Bakuuva wants nothing more than to live an average life, to find friendship and a goal; though for her a normal life seems nigh impossible. Living among the Dragon Descendants of Vulfax, she finds herself consistently belittled by peers and family alike. The majority reject her docile book loving ways compared to their ruthless warrior ways, setting her up for abuse mentally and physically. Facing daily misery and depression, the path to find herself becomes increasingly difficult and lost to an endless fog.

Things grow even more hopeless when new eyes set upon her. The Hive, warriors of Dark Power and Magic, striving to capture the Earth and bring it under their control. The Tribe, an unknown enemy to the supernatural, seeking to find Vulfax. With enemies of the clan moving every day threatening the few things she clings to, a choice will have to be made.

To become a warrior for the sake of what she needs to protect, to let things continue as they may, or to walk away from everything in the hope of a better tomorrow. One thing becomes certain to her though; her past is not the past she believes it is as more and more answers lay themselves bare as the enemies of Vulfax tighten their grips. Diving down further, she will either find what she wants or dig her own grave in the process. The race is on to uncover and save it all!!!