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The Time Lockers

The 3 start an un-imaginable journey to discover thesecrets of time,this novellais combined with fightingwith evil Time Locker and his helpers.

so more info:

*prefer the reference tip*

Time Lockers:

Basically Time Lockers are the protector of the time, there are two types of Time Lockers [evil , good]. There main purpose is to take care of the Time-verse, they fight with the evil Time Lockers to protect the Time-verse

Master Time Lockers :

Master Time Lockers can give the power to others to achieve the Time Locker title.The same good and evil theory starts. The main purpose for Good are  observing any mistake or time loops caused by the Evil Time Lockers to effect the Future, then the Master Time Locker tells the Time Lockers the problems. Mainly only Master Lockers fight each other.

How does this all works :

This is the basic thing to understand as time-travelling subject is vast and gives a headache. So for e.g. if a time line is disturbed of one person from his earlier times like when he was 18 he invented something big which helps in future and if the Evil Lockers effect the day that thing came out or kill him before he even invented it so there will be no existence for that thing in the future. You probably know this this thing, but things get complicated as the story keeps going on

This is how i will refer things from later in the story

Master Time Lockers --------  [Good: M-Lockers ] [Evil: EM-Lockers]

Time Lockers ------------ [Good: T-Lockers ]  [Evil : ET-lockers]