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Rumour has it, that baby it's you 🌸

CHAPTER ONE🎶Fever by Beyonce🎶YANKHORaw mortification washes over me as I hopelessly and desperately try to catch the bottle of tobwa but awkwardly fail as it soars through the air with one destination in mind. I wish just for once, just for me, gravity would stop. Time seems to have stood still for everyone but me as my arms flap in the air ,them too wishing for a change in gravity.As the bottle flip flops in the air, the thick dark brown liquid pours out. Derek with easy flexibility pulls Tamara out of harm's way shoving her behind but unfortunately for him nearly half the contents of the bottle spill on his shirt before landing on the floor with a thud, the contents splashing out onto his trouser and shoes which I have no doubt are handmade. I pause closing my eyes. My mortification, complete. I just want to die now. Somebody please, anybody press the delete button and get rid of this clip. All I hear is silence well, maybe God for once did hear my prayer? But no, a second later, a hear the high pitched screech of Tamara that apparently passes for her voice.'OMG!! Yankho, are you freaking blind or something? Look what you just went and did? Derek are you okay? Oh the horror of it all. This is so disgusting.'I open my eyes lost of what to do. I just stare at the big brown stain on his shirt. Derek pulls his shirt away from his body. His face contoured into an angry scowl. He ought to be upset. Its winter and today is freezing cold though its warm inside due to the air conditioner before this disaster that is my life happened, I had just taken the bottle out of the freezer. I try to fathom words but suddenly my tongue has apparently taken leave of my mouth. ' Glad to know some things never really change after all,' Andrew Mutale says with a little chuckle looking up momentary from his phone. God , I hate him. He is one of Derek's best friends of the three that he has. And just my luck, they are all in attendance to witness this. His three best friends and Tamara his girlfriend.' Gosh you are so clumsy. Do you need four eyes to help you get about?' Tamara asks. She reaches in her bag and takes out a pretty white handiekerchief and begins to wipe the liquid off him. 'Am sorry sir, am really sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going,' I say in a timid voice.'Obviously,' comes Tamara's snide comment. I look down worrying my hands.I hate myself for that cause suddenly its high school all over again. High school my worst nightmare. The charity case of the school being mocked and looked down by the cool rich kids. And just my luck, I find myself working for one of them. The Omni- God that is Derek Mwangala.I hear the others chuckle at Andrews comment but I shut them out refusing to let their smugness affect me. Its been a year since I started working here. And another ten months since Derek took over as the CEO . I have only met him once during the staff introduction meeting and since then I have gone out of my way to stay out of his way.If I so much smelt him in the direction of my winds , I would change direction. When he was in our department, bless him and his hands on approach, I would do my utmost best to busy myself with staff. Gosh, I would even volunteer to do menial work. It worked just fine till now. God, why me? Why today? Why now? I ask myself inwardly screaming and stomping my feet, five year old tantrum in full motion.I clear my throat as I continue to wring my hands in worry,' Sir, am really sorry. I will wash it off for you. It will be ready in no time.'' I think you have done enough for one day thank you.' Am told dismissively by the queen bee. 'Am sorry again sir, I really didn't mean to.''The good that your sorry will do. You can't have clumsy employees like this Derek, she just has to go look at you. Imagine if it was a client?' Tamara says.'It was an accident,' I murmur without looking up at any of them.' I have a meeting in ten,' Derek speaks up since the whole fiasco began. I dare to look up if only to gauge his reaction. His handsome face is set in an impasse of unreadable emotions. How can I expect anything else? I have known that facial expression all five years of high school. If I had never seen him smile before, I would think the man never really smiles. The cold look in his eyes freezes me on the spot. And I know, am done for there and then. I bring my eyes back to his now ruined suit. The brown stain is a contrast of his white cotton shirt and pin striped business suit that fits perfectly to his well toned body.He takes the hankie from Tamara and dabs at the mess.' That looks gross,' Harry says,' What is that even?'Harry a month younger than Derek is part of the Simwanza clan. They own a real estate and construction company. Harry went to the Harvard just like the rest of them. They are like a set of quintuplets that are joined at the hips. He did an architect course. Of late his face has been seen in the media whenever its something to do with the Simwanza empire. He is handsome in his own right with a body to back him up.'Who knows, must be one of those strange concoctions she is always drinking,' chuckles Dalitso Akende as he opens the door for the others to walk through. He looks my way with a smirk on his face. Dalitso is the son of two principalities. His mother is from the Royal Muchinga kingdom of the Kubamba tribe in Muchinga province. His mother Princess Teliwe married the son of the royal family in politics of the Akende's. The Akende's have been in politics since time in memorial. His paternal grandfather two decades ago saved as the countries president. His father is currently the sitting president having been elected not more than five months ago. His mother the first Lady also serves as the Minister for chiefs and traditional affairs. She had campaigned very heavily for her husband. Dalitso is their only son and rumors are going round in the political circles that he too shall soon be following in his grandfathers and now his father's footsteps.Am not really surprised even back in school, he always showed leadership qualities what with his easy charm and handsome face. He was the Head boy in our last year of school and before that, the disciplinary prefect. In junior high he was our class president. Voted in with easy with no one standing a chance. ' Come on I think I have a spare suit you can change into,' says the last of the quintuplet, Dr. Given Simataa as the door closes behind them. He wears specs that give him a sexy look. His is a family of medical personals. It was no surprise really when he went the same root. They own the best medical laboratories and hospitals that carter to the rich only. A mere consultation with them costs as much as my salary. They have a medical hospital and laboratory in each province. I hear Tamara's heels click on the marble floor as they all head up stairs. I feel my shoulders slump in defeat as I lean back against the wall.🍁🌾🍁End of chapter 1Thank you for reading.Till next time Zikomo.

Vocabulary :

Tobwa- a traditional drink made from sorghum or millet