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The Dark Fated Ones

Damean pressed his lips to Lily's ear, his breath burning her skin. “You thought you could get away from me, muffin?” He chuckled. “Let me tell you this.” He tightened his grip on her wrist. “I always win.”

She tried to kick at him, but he barely touched her windpipe with his thumb, threatening to crush it. She stopped, breathing shallowly. “It’s a horrible feeling, not being able to breathe,” Damean noticed. He lightly rubbed the skin, sending shivers down her spine. Lily could almost imagine him pressing down, choking her.

She struggled and tried pulling her arms out of his grip, but he pressed down a cementer. “This is a warning,” he threatened. “If you try anything, I’ll drive my thumb into you’re windpipe just like you did on the pressure point in my wrist. Do you hear me?”

Nausea welled up inside her at the feeling of his thumb pressing against her throat. His grip burned her. Like poison. “Let me go, Damean. I mean it.” She worried that her voice shook. Luckily, it was harsh and demanding.

She tried to weasel her way out of his grip and gasped as pushed his thumb into her throat, choking her for five seconds, then he let go. Lily coughed and gagged, gasping for air as he massaged her throat with his thumb again.

“Doesn’t feel good, does it?” Damean asked with sarcastic sympathy. “Imagine how it feels when someone kicks you in the stomach.”

Lily and Jason stayed in Denver for a couple of weeks. Jason got a mysterious phone call and they have to head back to the B.O.M.B. in Nebraska. When their hotel catches fire, they have to deal with Lily's injuries. Will Jason and Lily meet more werewolves as they head on their journey? Will either of them get injured as Damean gains more control? Is Lucifer who people think he is? Will Lily ever figure out Lucifer's true identity? Is Lucifer truly... evil?(This is book three of The Gifted Ones series)Book One: The Gifted OnesBook Two: The Tragic Ones

PG-13 Completed