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Short Story

Yesterday, my brother asked a strange question from me.

What do you think about love?. He asked me what is the meaning Of Love to you?

Suddenly I smiled because I don’t know the answer to that. I think about it but nothing comes to my mind at that time.

I tell him really I don’t know that.

Actually, what do you think about love?.

Just feel free to tell me cause I want to know.

Okay anyway, so that time I decided to ask that same question from my brother and do you know what happens next he smiled as well as I do.

I mean he smiled too. But seconds later, he replied.

He said if we have someone and someone blames her or him then we got angry right? Is it love? or if we have someone and we feel something kind to her or him is it, love?

That’s what he asked from me ( I know what you all think about right now. It’s not an answer to my question. Yeah, it’s alright ).

What is love feels like to you? I think love has different ways, different paths to describe it.

For now, I only know is about love is from my family. From my mother and my father also my brother.

I have seen so many people described love in so many ways. I don’t understand it. I don’t know why is that but I want to know.

What is love?

I think we need love to live this life. if we don’t have it. It’s like an empty hole in us.

We have to give love every day to each other. That’s how we live right, life is too short.

Make love every day. Do good always. I’m still trying to figure out what is it the meaning of love.

Love is good.

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