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My Name Is Alice- Writers Blog!

Hi readers!

My name is Alice, I am 20 years old and am new to Penana but not new to writing! I'm excited to be entering writing contests and making new friends. So, a little bit of information about myself.

I am a book blogger who created a book blog last January during a really rough point in my life. Since creating this book blog, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of support that I've received from authors, other bloggers, total strangers on the internet. My parents are surprised by the numbers of books that I get set for free, my TBR list is already overflowing as it is!

I like to write poetry, stories in verse and random dribbles every now and again. My biggest dream is to be able to write a 50K novel since its bothering me that I can only write stories that are like 5K long in length XD Something needs to change, hopefully I can achieve this before I go off to University hopefully next year to study Creative Writing (UPDATE: This actually happened!)

Besides from books and writing, I love music. I collect vinyl records and listen to new songs everyday on Spotify, it's like my music addiction plus it's free which is perfect for me. I also love photography, corgis and koalas...

I have two pet cats.

I am also right-handed for writing but left-handed for anything else.

That's all for this post, thanks so much for reading. Don't forgot to follow me here on Penana, Wattpad (same username as it is here) and all of my social media (clickable links are in my bio on my profile).

Alice x

Short Story
How to Outline an Essay

The Main Points and What Should Be Considered For Each SectionIf you're a college student, then it's probably quite obvious that you've been confronted with the question of how to outline an essay.

If this sounds familiar to you, then there is no need to worry because this article is here to help! It is indeed easy to put down a well-structured essay if you know what to do ahead of time. The first thing you need to make sure of when writing an essay is that it will be divided up into separate paragraphs. Look here https://www.wiseessays.com/college-essay these should be easy to understand and follow because otherwise, you might find yourself struggling with it at the end when it comes time to write the conclusion. When these paragraphs are loosely connected to one another, then you have the idea of how to outline an essay.To get started with your how to outline an essay, you need to determine which part of your essay is going to be the main points and how these points are connected to each other.

For instance, if your essay is about the history of a certain place or period of time, then you might start with the introduction paragraph and go directly to the main points of your argument. You can then work your way from here to the conclusion. Of course, when writing this, you should keep in mind the purpose of this introduction to your essay as well as the overall theme of your paper.The introduction is always the first part of your how to outline an essay, and it is important to make this part of the document very simple and to the point.

The introduction is there to grab the reader's attention so that they will be enticed into reading the rest of your essay.

Your main ideas are supposed to come from the main points in your thesis statement, so make sure you properly address these ideas throughout your how to outline an essay.

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Tips for Writing Good Statistics Homework Answers


What are the most popular types of statistics homework answers? Is there any right answer for them? Read through this post to know more about that!

As the name suggests, you will start by determining the types of answers to your questions. How can a tutor determine the type of answers for a specific test? Read on to know more!

Quick Facts about Exams and Results

After examining the answers, what do you expect to get? Here is the list of the answers that can enable you to determine the better of a particular statistic. They include:

Summarized results

The best samples will express the assessment in terms of scores. It is crucial to understand that the scores will always contribute to your final exam results. As such, you wouldn’t have any other option than to master the proper ways of managing exam papers.

Often, individuals fail to submit the recommended reports, and they end up scoring lower grades in their exams. It would be best if you can figure that out before you commence the writing process. If you can understand your coursework from the beginning, nothing will ever prevent you from scoring excellent grades in your reports. But if you still don't figure it out, there's no shame in asking for writing help. After all, your grade depends on it.

Additional data

Any calculations in any form will always add up to the calculations in the final report. It is crucial to understand that any extra data that isn’t available in the report will add no value to your paperwork. If you added something that isn’t available, you will end up scoring lower grades in your paperwork.

Observation results

Doing math will always result in obtained stats. Often, students would study and understand statistical data to evaluate their answers. When doing so, they end up confusing themselves when doing so. Moreover, it is crucial to take note of all the observation points you might want to include in your final reports. Doing so will enable you to determine the appropriate statistical data to include in the paperwork.

Statistical homework answers are common in science subjects that require numerical data. Many times, students would neglect to do so when handling their reports. It is crucial to determine the appropriate type of statistical data to include in your paperwork. Remember, this is the only section that will determine the scores for your homework assignment. If you can handle it, you’ll be sure that you will adequately report the appropriate data for your assignments.

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What Is a Seminar Paper?

In academe and academic libraries, seminar paper prep is a group of written papers printed from the format of a normal academic conference or seminar.  Normally, conference proceedings include the principal contributions made by scholars at the conference. What's a seminar paper is an abstract and general description of the main subject discussed at the conferences. Many students can recommend essaycreate as a good online essay writing service. However, conferences are usually organized around particular topics such as the relationship between chemistry and mathematics, economic and social development, the future of schooling, the role of computers in education, and several other relevant subjects.  The character of the topics, however, differs from 1 conference to another. When you go to a seminar, you will see a string of papers presented by scholars about the topics which are under discussion at the summit.

At these conferences, the subject and authors aren't limited to the ones discussed in the meetings but also the writers that are presenting the other newspapers. The significant purposes of what is a seminar paper is to help those attending in obtaining a better understanding of the topics that have been discussed in the meetings.  The papers are also supposed to help the audience grasp a few of the main ideas, in addition to the main contributions made at a conference by the researchers who have presented it. What's a conference paper has two components, namely the introduction and the conclusion.  The introduction is generally a summary of what was discussed during the course of the talks.  This part is also usually split into paragraphs and is accompanied by a conclusion.  The conclusion generally outlines the principal results of the study that has been achieved and the decisions reached the conclusion phase.

There are various kinds of conference papers, and there are some types that are considered subtypes of seminar papers.  The three big subtypes of conference papers are the journal and author volume books, the bibliography and journal of action, and the global conference event.  Each subtype has its own distinct features and distinct formatting which distinguish them from each other. Among the most popular formats for that which is a seminar paper is that the journal and author volume book.  This sort of format is usually a volume in which the editor of this journal will write about the main ideas and topics that have been discussed in the seminars.  They'll then publish these papers, organized in chronological order, topical, or topical bibliography. The bibliography is often known as a bibliography.  The editors of this bibliography will write about the major events, ideas, individuals, and trends that were cited during the seminars.  They will also contain the names of individuals who contributed to these thoughts.

The bibliography format is commonly used for academic books like books and journals, in addition to for people speaking presentations Seminar papers may also be arranged in the form of journals and writer volume books.  These are organized chronologically but may also include a bibliography, that will be organized in an alternating manner.  This is so the readers can easily find and read the names of people who have contributed to the main ideas and topics that were discussed.  In the seminar. The last of the 3 sorts of what's a conference paper is referred to as the international conference event.  This arrangement will give the seminar participants an overview of what has been discussed in the conferences. The conference papers and also the global conference proceedings consist of 2 components.  The first part of what's a conference paper contains the introduction.  Followed by the decisions and the journal and author volume books. What's a conference paper is vital.  Each one of the different formats listed above is used for helping those who attend the conferences to acquire a better understanding of what is a seminar paper. Full Report

The Clock Writing | TheClockWriting

In the times of digital devices, we all know that the one main thing which marketing strategies rely upon is content. While we all have heard the saying “content is king”, many have a hard time comprehending the proper meaning behind it. The Clock Writing understands the importance of content in modern era. Whether its marketing purposes or creative, without content, none of the possibilities present themselves to you. That is why, it is important to employ content in all of the facets of digital marketing.

Therefore, it is more than important just to repeat that phrase, but also to employ it properly. We have experts who have provided these solutions to countless of our clients around the globe. We understand firmly what it takes to deliver content that stands out. Our expertise in creation of outstanding content in any niche or industry has allowed us to comprehend the diverse requirements and the variety of services. Here are what we offer:

Article Writing

Writing articles are one of the core elements of creating a brand recognition. In the online world, where content drives any and all strategies forward, it is imperative to employ the primary partaker in all of content, aka articles. TheClockWriting experts firmly understand the craft of creating compelling articles meant for marketing. For years ,we have equipped our many clients around the globe with these solutions. Therefore, if your requirement is dire, then our expertise are at your service.

Blog Writing

Blogs are one of the main platforms intended for content marketing. They are not only effective because of their easy availability, but also because they need no specific format or formula. The leniency of blogs and their flexibility make them a vital tool in the online world. However, The Clock Writing’s experts understand the right approach towards devising a customized plan for blog writing. It can help us help you create content that makes your name stand out in your particular industry.

Press Releases

One of the primary things that decide the success of a product or service in the online world is the breaking of news. However, these news are not always limited to products or services, as they could be major or minor changes. Nevertheless, delivering them in proper fashion is what is required. That is when our experts take charge of your requirement and provide you with an all-round solution. We make sure your press releases help state your desired information in the proper way. WE have years of experience with delivering these solutions and we know what it takes to deliver prominent press releases.

Web Content

Website is your primary representative in the online world. The content on your website can make or break a partnership between you and your target audience. We understand this as we deliver just the right type of content for your website. Our experts put thorough attention to details and employ unmatched creativity in providing you with the most attentive and engaging web-content. Our experts are experienced at creating web copies and making attractive landing pages. Therefore, we can equip your website with the right content for you.

Brand Management

Our services are not just limited to writing, as we manage the whole process of either creating or carrying a brand identity. We help you with names, content, strategies and marketing approaches. Our brand management services have helped many clients around the globe and The Clock Writing’s satisfied clientele is a witness to it.


We help keep your target audience in the loop with our remarkable newsletters creation. We make sure all the necessary information is provided to your target audience through our weekly, monthly or even daily Newsletters services.

Video Script Writing

The famous saying is that you can make a bad film out of a good script but you cannot make a good film out of a bad script. That is why we understand the importance and value of a proper script. We equip your visual content requirements with proper scripts and screenplays that help you create remarkable videos. Our experts have extensive experience in delivering these solutions and they know the intricacies of this craft properly.