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Short Story

A Halloween night with a touch of full moon's light is a favorite day of mine. Humans enjoy this day by dressing up like us....*sigh* some look good but some people look terribly funny I always sneak out of the castle to take a closer view of this evening. Every year it's a new moon day when it is halloween but this year it's different. Anyways I am happy.

Today I'm going to sneak out again thanks to my friend Raul for making a secret path for me to go out. I came out of the castle and found Raul licking himself while waiting for me. I laughed while looking at him.

Raul: oh you came. Dawn today there is a party that's gonna be held in the Central hall of the town.

Dawn: oh really I'm eager to get there.

Raul: then let's go there.

Then we both head to our destination. After reaching there we both separate from each other to enjoy the party. "Hey girl wanna join me.." a guy came towards me with a glass red wine in his hand and clearly visible smirk. "No I'm fine" "But I was thinking of making you my mate for this party..but I think you're not interested..my bad" while that guy was talking his aura was making me thirsty of his blood don't know why but the smell of his blood was driving me crazy...." Do you have a cut anywhere freshly..?" "Yes I do....look...but how do you know...??" He shows his index finger which has a fresh cut probably made by a glass fragment. It took me all of my strength to not lick that finger of his. While holding onto my last shred of self control and said in a low voice "I can smell blood.." "You are talking like a real vampire *while laughing* are you..? No...you can't be-" "If I say I'm then what will you do..?" " If you are then I wanna feel your teeth in my skin I wanna feel your fangs. I want to know how it feels..." "Do you even know how it feels.?I can tell that you probably don't have any experience" "Maybe pleasurable..." " Why do you wanna feel my bite. I might hurt you." "Didn't I already tell you? I want to feel how pleasurable it is" At this point I myself don't know how much time is left for myself to control to snap like a rubber band and bite his neck.

" You ! Why you wanna feel that bite..?" "Just like that..." "Well what's your name boy " "Jordan and yours" "Oh... mine is Katherine.."

'Ugh!! I can't control myself...his blood...I'm craving for his blood...' *By Telepathy* "Dawn it's almost midnight I think we should go.." "Raul I'm craving for blood of the human sitting infront me..." " What!? Are you serious we shou-" "Katherine I think it's already midnight all are leaving... I don't think it's safe for you to go alone..let me accompany you...." ". Huh! Oh...yeah sure...." While we were walking down the street I stopped near a dark alley he turned towards me after that he was having a great smile on his lips as if he gat what he wanted for so long. His expression was giving me chills. I looked at myself and realized why he was smiling. Holy Shit! I totally forgot about the full moon! My fangs are poking at my bottom lips. My skin is paler than usual. And I'm sure my eyes are blood red even though I can't see them. I turned towards him with widened eyes. My last snip of self restraint snapped like a catapult and in a fraction of a second I leapt onto him and held him in close to me, my right hand on his neck and the other one on his shoulder to hold him in position. I waited for some seconds for him to hesitate and deny but he didn't. It was at that moment that I spiked my fangs deep into most noticeable blood vessels running down his neck and sucked for a good number of minutes. While I was busy sucking his blood he was as calm as the sea, his hands resting on either sides of my waist and judging from his deep breathing on my neck and slight moaning, his eyes were probably closed in pleasure. After I drank a good amount blood from his body, I withdrew my fangs. When I tried to pull away from him, I realized that he had fainted from the impact of my fangs. I called Raul for help to lift him up because tonight I didn't want to waste my energy. After he came, we both dropped him at his house and I changed his clothes to his shorts and left him shirtless. To be honest he is quite hot. I cleaned all the mess that we had created while changing him and putting him to bed and left to enjoy the rest of the full moon.


What a beautiful dream with a beautiful girl.... Ugh... why am I having a headache all of a sudden... and what's this stingy feeling on my neck... to check, I went to my mirror and almost surprised to see bite mark on it.. probably fangs.. I smirked to myself as I realized that it wasn't a dream. What a pleasure to be bitten by a vampire and a girl at that. While I busy admiring the mark, I noticed a sticky note on the edge of my mirror. The writing on it made me jump around like a maniac. It said....