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My Rose in Disguise

When Xavier discovers the dangerous truth behind the beautiful woman he crossed his path with, will the attraction between them increases or is it the closure? Is she someone with whom he can keep up or is she beyond his expectations?


Briana Rose is a stunning woman from the inside out. She has a cheerful yet funny personality, and she constantly smiles and spreads positivity wherever she goes. She's not accustomed to living in the modern world. Everything appears to be in order, but... is she just a normal innocent girl, or is there more to it?


The Notorious CEO of The Wefords International Co. Ltd. is non-other than The Xavier Alexander Ashford. He has an aloof personality. Everyone admires him for his determination & hard work. He's the most handsome guy who doesn't like the idea of fooling around with random girls. But what happens when someone finally piques his interest, and he realizes he's not just attracted to any ordinary girl?



❝Mr. Blue coat cat-eyed sir, as soon as you reach get home, make sure to take a good shower since you've been completely soaked in mop water❞ Her brother smirked. ❝M-mop water?! You've got to be kidding me!!❞ In horror, I exclaimed. Now that I notice, I indeed stink. No way! This can't be happening! I'm not germophobic but I absolutely despise dirt. I was so furious and not knowing what to do, I rushed to my car and drove away.


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