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Wings of Freedom

A Dystopian Science-Fantasy series: FF VII meets Attack on Titan.

Life on Genesys was as it was for any other planet in its prime, prosperous. Society after countless wars over religion, philosophy, resources, revenge, et cetera... had come together in the name of peace. For thousands of years, this peace stood strong, all until the cataclysm. The Year, now known as 0 of the new calendar, a meteor of unknown size and origin struck the planet, and tore it asunder. Dust and storms blocked the light of Genesys's Mother Star for years, causing an extinction of much of the life on the world. The impact left a scar the size of a small country on the Southern Pole, though that was not all it did.

In the coming months it became evident that the impact had disrupted the Astral Forces of the planet, tearing its Celestial Energy in half. The outcome had robbed the planet of its life force and severely wounded it though that was not all. Portals began to appear, portals to the planet's other half... a darker half full of demons, monsters, and unknown evils. In no time at all these dark forces began to war and invade Genesys, driving humanity itself to near extinction. All had appeared lost until the arrival of two organizations, Light Tech Industries and the Revelations Project. Together under the name of the Holy Empire, they combated this darkness that threatened their world. While the war was not truly won, it gave humanity the chance to recover at long last.

Society rebuilt itself through famine and evil though quickly found itself against other problems, corruption. Many a person sought what the Holy Empire had brought, thus they began to start wars with more than the dark realm. For centuries this had remained the norm until finally all the kingdoms settled following much bloodshed. The Holy Kingdom remains atop the world, using its Revelations Project and highly skilled soldiers to maintain the peace; though for how much longer can this last?Link to full cover: https://www.deviantart.com/frosted-sapphire/art/Wings-of-Freedom-Vol-1-Cover-818110409

Aphelia Bestiary Guide - Take 2

Wasn't happy with how the 1st go was looking so here's another go at it to try and sort it out while placing things in order based on what type of beast they are.

There are the following:

> Celestial: These creatures are very holy and often have a pull to destroy creatures that are unholy/impure based on their soul. Most common type of these are Angels and Spirits, as well as some Guardians which could also be spiritual or physical.

> Demon: These creatures are not holy and are injured by holy things, or commonly are. They were made by a being called The Shadowed One. Often they follow closely to The Shadowed One's orders and control, like killing humans and placing fear in other races, but some have broken their will free of The Shadowed One. Yes they are still demons but their minds are their own and are clear. They still feel the urges to kill innocent beings but do not act on them. They can fall and do this from a state called Bloodlust. Some races are more easy to fall to Bloodlust than others.

> Normal: Aphelia has normal animals you'd find in our world but they also have creatures that are normal for them that are not Celestial or Demon.

> Mythical: These creatures are those found in our own mythology. One example would be a hydra or a manticore. Vampires would be another as would werewolves.

The types above are what they are. Their names are their technical names and nicknames are the alternate name they are known by, if any. What is listed is the general commonly known information about each creature. Each individual creature may vary depending on independent factors, such as where they were raised, how they were raised, how strong their will is to resist the urges of causing chaos/violence from The Shadowed One, and so forth. Appearance may also vary depending on their strength as some are able to hide among humans by disguising themselves to appear as perfectly human.

Now, let us begin.