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180 degree longitude between faded away

"180 degree longitude between us fading away" just a fan fiction of "180 degree longitude between us"

"180 degree longitude between us" is the series that I lately watched. I learn something from that. Just three character enough to carry the whole series. There is no additional character need, to weight the character, the character itself they do that.And the series is about love between two different generation people. We know that generation to generation everything changes, that doesn't exception for love. Maybe love is same as always. But the way of shown are differ. There is very thin line between love and hate. There is three letters is enough for change like to dislike. So, we must need carefulwhen we show this type of love. And the team of this series do that well. Writer to actor there is nothing to complain, everyone needed appreciation.I highly recommend this series to who believe love is not have boundaries such as money, status, religion, age, gender,...If we got something easily, we don't treasure that. The reason is simple. we don't know the value of that thing and we easily forgot that. But we can't forgot the thing we got after fight hard. Similarly the happy ending series easily faded away from our mind. But the sad ending one remain our mind that made us to longing for their happy ending. And that may lead new starting. Just like this fan fiction. The ending that shown in the series is best one. Nothing to complain about that. And the story is perfect, I couldn't able to compete. But what can I do. I want a happy ending for them. So, I create this fan fiction. I not gonna change anything in the series. But I will write after the series what I want to happen in my point of view. This is not related to original and that full and fully just a fan fiction...