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Summer isn't the type of girl people expect in this generation. Simple as always. She always tried to stay away from attention and she had been lucky with that throughout her high school life. Now, she is starting college in her dream college and everything seems perfect. Her family is very supportive, her new best friend is the best and she is doing well in her classes too. She thinks she has everything she needs. But, does she?

Elijah Grey is the 'known' bad boy of the college. A guy who is just looking for fun, nothing serious with anyone. But Elijah isn't what he looks like. He has a dark past and present. He is like oxygen for problems. They always seem to find him wherever he goes. Behind his seductive smirk and a handsome face which is always seems to be happy, there is something so horrible looking. He wears the mask and tries to live every moment peacefully because he thinks no one can fix him because he can't be fixed. But is it?

When they cross paths, they cannot stay away from each other. But even if they decide to be together, will they last? If they don't, it means fate has other plans for them so they have to part ways.

That's when the question comes: Will fate, by any chance, regret separating them?

A/N: I know the story looks very cliche but trust me, once you've read the main plot of the story, you won't at all think it's such a cliche but that part isn't out yet because it's nearly at the end. To know and understand the main plot, please keep on reading First! Thank you!

Half Hope, Half Love

"Let me go, Heath. You know it's wrong." I whispered, as he shifted himself closer towards me. "What's wrong with me hugging you?"I took a deep breath. "You just got cheated on by my sister who you were about to marry in some weeks! Not to mention, you loved her so much you fought against your whole family to marry her. Is that enough of a reason now?"With that being said, he left me abruptly and I could feel him still standing behind me. "You just have to mention that now, don't you? When I'm trying to cope up with the truth?""It's the truth. You really were getting married to-""Is that the reason you're leaving me?!"I frowned. "What?""I was going to marry Kiara. You didn't like it-""Why wouldn't I like it if you'd marry my sister?!" I yelled, my own temper rising at his random observation. "It's simple. You were jealous."                                 ___________ Eight years working your butt off for someone you love, only to watch them fall in love with your own sister and propose a marriage by your help, is not something everyone have guts for, to do. Follow the journey of Heath Evercrest and Hazel Scarlett, as Hazel struggles to put up with her employer's sudden unexpected odd request, while her own heart threatens to betray her sooner or later, in her own quest.                             ____________

•| Awards won on Wattpad:#Winner of Galaxy Diamond Awards 2019#Winner of the "Best First Chapter" in Dazzling Spark Awards 2019#3rd place winner of Rosie Awards 2019~First Draft Published: 1st March, 2019~Warning: Contains mature content/sexual themes in the later chapters. Copyright Ritika Verma © 2019