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𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘳, 𝘚𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵 𝘔𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘺

The world was once a pretty place. A life I thought would shine brighter as time goes by. A promising future I thought I could grasp ahead. I was cloaked underneath the warmth of love and blinded by the bliss of happiness. My days were always filled with laughter and everlasting peace. Everything around me was nothing but contentment.

Alden Pentovich. The name itself is a disgrace to my ears. His whole existence is as horrendous as one could imagine. Hiding behind that angelic facade is an evil monster, who brutally snatched everything away from me and turned my life into a living hell. I thought I could free myself from his torment, but in the end, he's always one step ahead of me before I could run away. He had thrown me deep down into an endless pit, a hellscape designed with no exit. All I ever wanted from him was a little bit of peace. Yet, no matter how much I begged, he never listened. Completely deafening his ears from hearing my pleas.

Who would've thought... that pretty place would turn into specs of dust? Disappearing into thin air without a single trace. Those beautiful memories slowly transformed into ugly scars. A temporary dream that I wish could last a little longer, even just for a second. Now, all that's left is nothing but torment. What sin did I even committed to suffer this cruel life?

Dear, sweet misery.  Please let me know, when will this end?

Broken Shards

In a parallel world of Earth, creatures there are a bit extraordinary. For instance, humans have possession of magical abilities and while there are indeed animals living too, there also exist magical and bizarre creatures lurking about.

Febby Cortourne, a junior high school student in her fourth year, has always lived her life normally. Living in a repetitive cycle endlessly and mindlessly, which makes her life boring. There's nothing special going on at all in her life. And she never thought she was anyone special.

Until on one night, where it started like any other night and day. It was raining heavily and storms and thunders were slightly present. She begins to receive mysterious and creepy calls and messages coming from an unknown person, only to discover a mysterious and creepy old man is chasing and on a hunt to kill her.

And just as she thought she'd actually die without achieving or doing anything special, she was saved by a mysterious voice echoing in her mind and led her to a parallel world. Their parallel world. Where she finds familiar faces from her homeworld and bizarre things such as mythological animals that never existed on her planet, and people having possession of their own powers or as they'd like to call it, magical abilities.

During her time in the parallel world, adjusting with the help of her new friends, she then slowly realizes that maybe she is special after all. She just never noticed or realized it.

This unfolds a tale of a girl studying in one of the most prestigious schools in the continent where she learns about their world, magic, and something within herself as she tries to hide from the person, trying to kill her.

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Updates once every week.


Due to the pandemic circulating throughout the planet, schedule updates now changes to thrice every week.