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Young Adult

En-pathos: in passion or suffering, from the greek word empatheia.

"If someone where to ask me if these 'gifts' are a blessing or a curse I would most definitely say its a curse. Dealing with me own life, emotions, memories and action is already hard enough but adding onto that without any control and so suddenly is certainly a curse but the gods."

Ember Hera is certainly an extraordinary or abnormal (however you see it that is), human being. Given a blessing or as she finds it, a curse, she is either way not normal. Even without her powers Ember has a past filled with sorrow and maybe pity when viewed by other people, losing her parents at the age of three and being raised by an aunt that is struggling herself is not easy. To add on to the fact she never got know her parents, she finds out her parents were murdered, brutally. A crime of passion maybe or just plain revenge Ember decides that she is going to catch the person responsible, but can she handle it? She's only 21 and still in college fighting everyday to be good student and study well, not only for a good job but for a job with great meaning to her. Will she be able to manage being a regular college student with these 'gifts' and trying to find her parents killer?

This story is categorized as a fantasy-mystery-thriller, with crime. And don't worry I don't write books without romance, but in the end it shows views of different perspectives that humans have to go through, it tells us that humans experience every emotion differently and gives an understanding that we cannot judge a persons behavior without looking at their emotions and memories that lead to their actions. That's my goal anyways, hope you enjoy!


Euthanizers. Poles make the best Germans.

A genius Polish man in his 30s called Paul Novak insults the psychopathic deity. The deity - known as the demiurge - abducts Novak and takes him to Times Square in an alternate reality. As soon as Novak ends up in the middle of alternate reality Times Square, he gets magically turned into a German Girl Scout in a pencil skirt uniform and high heels. The only upside, it seems, is the curse making him younger. The demiurge thinks that forcing Paul to be German is an ironic punishment for a Pole. The blonde bangs are particularly annoying! Social media explosion follows - everyone is commenting on Paul's magical metamorphosis. Paul is furious, humiliated and terrified at the same time. The curse causes Paul Novak to bring money luck to anyone who talks to him - be it online or in person. If Paul Novak ever wants to break the curse and get back to his reality, he must write a novel that impresses the demiurge. Paul is mercilessly teased. He is getting called Heidi Deutscher and chased by the paparazzi. Paul is the butt of jokes - the target of snickering and schadenfreude. When Novak wants to engage in a deep conversation with someone, he gets laughed at and told to smile. Literary agents and publishers ignore his book on quantum physics. Novak is told to write all-American chick lit instead. Having lost all dignity, the Pole contemplates suicide. Will he find the inner strength to write the impressive novel that breaks the curse and gets him home? Or will he never get his normal life and dignity back? After all, what happens in the alternate reality. . .stays in the alternate reality.


At Hemshore East High, popularity kills -literally. Timothy Graham, a preferred outcast is dragged into the dark world of Hemshore East High's posh "it-crowd". After been asked to tag along to check on it-girl Poppy Marshall, when she's a no show at the annual Senior Ditch Day. Timothy goes with Kelli Monroe, Meloni Gonzalez, Farah McIntyre and Rachel Chase to find only a leg occupying the Marshall manor. After series of clues lead to blood, family ties and dangerous secrets. He soon uses his bestfriend, Jessica Gregory (a member of the it-crowd), to grow closer to the group to discover the truth. He quickly learns that everything comes at a price and to stay alive means killing first. Excerpts: (2) "You did say you know things about Poppy and if I was to know, I'd probably disappear. When you found out about my secret side job, you were determined to find your friend. You're reacting differently, like it never mattered to begin with. I'm sorry Jess but I don't trust you right now. I think you already know what happened to Ashley Greeley -and on top of that, I think you don't hate Poppy solely for flirting with Chuck." & " Lydia left the room as Tiffany grew more curious about the mystery. She unwrapped the box cautiously -considering it could contain anything. A white rose, the symbol of their once dominant popularity was emblemed on the small lit. She gasped at the sight of her old necklace shining back at her -one she wore when she was seventeen and immature -innocently in love. Swept by the dark mind of her highschool sweetheart and bestfriend. It was something she hoped would remain secrete -forever in the time capsule they swore to never dig up again. When she looked closely, dry blood remained where it was when she had buried it over twenty years ago. It seems like secrets weren't meant to be kept hidden and trust was never meant to be kept...at all. "