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Young Adult
The 3000s, Book 1: The Line Between Good and Evil

This book is a Dystopian Drama. It is also part of a series, hopefully, I mean it's book one, anyways. What's it about you ask? It's about four fourteen year-olds (With a prologue from when they were 13) and their life journeys, basically. The first POV character, Brooke Grenwell, is a rebelistic revolutionary, she dreams of becoming the one to free the world from the evil Terramor's grasp, she grapples with losing her best friend, to Terramor Castle no less, and becoming a member (By surprise!) Of RN, or Rebel Nation, an organization founded by her hero, Grace Landers. POV character #2, Gabriela Shanter, Brooke's best friend, she starts out comfortably popular and happy, until, she discovers that her father got a job working for the Queen, and now her whole life must be uprooted to go live in Terramor Castle until further notice, and that wreaks her, how can she ever be perfectly happy again? POV character #3, Xachsher Terramor. The third, and final, child of Queen Courtney Terramor, doesn't live a exactly luxrious life. His life is full of problems. He's the black sheep of the Terramor family, everyone seems to hate him, except for Roshi. His therapist. How will he possibly get through when Courtney kills or "executes" Roshi, for being a bad influnce? Well, it's complicated, and finally POV character #4, Brandon Landers: The son of Grace Landers, with impossible expectations, and a war crazy brother, just surviving seems like a goal at the moment, how will he get Mike to call off the war? And keep everyone alive in the process?