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In the war-torn kingdom of Tavela, Princess Azoah Espere, plagued by a dark voice that inspires dark urges, finds her world colliding with that of the Sendika's--a criminal gang living in the city's slums. With a tyrannical king on the throne, dead men walking, an angry god, a vengeful witch, and a mind-control serum known only as the dashee vae,Azoah soon realises that not only the fate of kingdoms hang in the balance, but also entire worlds.

A little info about me:

Godsgate is a novel I've been writing since I was sixteen--four years ago now. It's been through draft after draft (the first of which will never, ever see the light of day again), and name after name (Deadterra, The Bone King, The Realm of Gods and Ghosts).

I feel this story has reached a point now where, although it's not nearly ready to be sent to agents for querying, it isready to be read by other people--people who will perhaps have insights that I don't. So, please, if anyone out there reads this, I would be immensely grateful for any feedback you can offer, whether it's critical or not. I would also love to return the favour! I have many wonderful people in my life, but very few who are also writers, so sometimes I feel a little isolated in that regard.

So, if you like witches, anti-heroes, dark magic, dragons, and crazy royals, this might be the story for you.