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The Time Lockers

The 3 start an un-imaginable journey to discover thesecrets of time,this novellais combined with fightingwith evil Time Locker and his helpers.

so more info:

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Time Lockers:

Basically Time Lockers are the protector of the time, there are two types of Time Lockers [evil , good]. There main purpose is to take care of the Time-verse, they fight with the evil Time Lockers to protect the Time-verse

Master Time Lockers :

Master Time Lockers can give the power to others to achieve the Time Locker title.The same good and evil theory starts. The main purpose for Good are  observing any mistake or time loops caused by the Evil Time Lockers to effect the Future, then the Master Time Locker tells the Time Lockers the problems. Mainly only Master Lockers fight each other.

How does this all works :

This is the basic thing to understand as time-travelling subject is vast and gives a headache. So for e.g. if a time line is disturbed of one person from his earlier times like when he was 18 he invented something big which helps in future and if the Evil Lockers effect the day that thing came out or kill him before he even invented it so there will be no existence for that thing in the future. You probably know this this thing, but things get complicated as the story keeps going on

This is how i will refer things from later in the story

Master Time Lockers --------  [Good: M-Lockers ] [Evil: EM-Lockers]

Time Lockers ------------ [Good: T-Lockers ]  [Evil : ET-lockers]


The Mutated

Five years ago, a lab assistant in Georgia managed to create a mutation that could travel from the DNA of a mosquito to a DNA cell of a human.

When told to destroy the cell for fear of peoples safety, he refused, breeding mosquitoes with the mutation and sending them out.

The first wave of panic spread when citizens learned the mutation had spread, the second, a tsunami of terror when scientists realized the DNA cell effected was only preset in people under the age of twenty-five.

In a desperate attempt to protect their children, adults began staying at home, avoiding contact with the outside world.

Through many distanced meetings, the government decided the best way to avoid this crisis would be to round up all the people who develop the mutation, keeping them secured in special facilities.

When a group of twenty-year-old's escaped however, they realized it wouldn't be so easy to control this virus they fittingly named Extirpation Alteration 45.

Deciding it was the only way to save the human race, the president payed for every adult over the age of thirty to join his in a newly built space station, issuing that anyone who couldn't leave their children behind would have to stay.

Now, in 2050, Tate Stevens is prepared to fix the problem her parents were too cowardly to face.

With her group of truly useless teenage companions, can Tate help the others and save the world from destruction?


The screams were alive, sharpening my senses and making the hair on my arms raise in anticipated fear.

Every year it happened. Another member of our small group would start developing the mutation, leaving the rest of us worried about who would reach the dreaded 'age' next and be lost forever.

Last time it was Charlie White. Now as Rebecca screamed and tore at the chains wrapped around her chest, I finally understood why Katy was so wary about accepting stray children.

After the adults left, we lost structure. We lost understanding. We began to lose ourselves.

That's when I decided that I would bring them back. All of them.

Every child was going to come back home again, and I would make it happen.

The Element of Surprise

I came up with the idea for this story when Superman Returns (2006) hit theatres. This film was so bad that I had to create my own story. I was (am) an avid fan of DC comics, the Superman franchise and the CW hit television show Smallville (staring Tom Welling).

My book, Element of Surprise, does take ideas from all of the above and wraps them all neatly in my own original plot.

What makes my story different and original is a brand new spin on things. For the first time, fans get to enter this world through the eyes and mind of Lex Luthor as he tells the story. The entire story is taken from his POV.


All characters (names & places) are originally the creation of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Studios.  Superman/Clark Kent was from the creation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

In Chapter Ten: Revivify, Martha Kent quote "Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are.  And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner" is taken directly from the WB television show 'Smallville' season six.  Other quotes that may be similar to previous works are not taken directly and added for humor.

The Element of Surprise and main plot are all original from the author,                 - Holas Riordan


I dedicate this book (the first novel I ever completed) to my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. DiMeo, who counted me out, who stopped teaching me, who failed to inspire me, who did her very best to keep me back and keep me down. She failed to fail me!