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At Hemshore East High, popularity kills -literally. Timothy Graham, a preferred outcast is dragged into the dark world of Hemshore East High's posh "it-crowd". After been asked to tag along to check on it-girl Poppy Marshall, when she's a no show at the annual Senior Ditch Day. Timothy goes with Kelli Monroe, Meloni Gonzalez, Farah McIntyre and Rachel Chase to find only a leg occupying the Marshall manor. After series of clues lead to blood, family ties and dangerous secrets. He soon uses his bestfriend, Jessica Gregory (a member of the it-crowd), to grow closer to the group to discover the truth. He quickly learns that everything comes at a price and to stay alive means killing first. Excerpts: (2) "You did say you know things about Poppy and if I was to know, I'd probably disappear. When you found out about my secret side job, you were determined to find your friend. You're reacting differently, like it never mattered to begin with. I'm sorry Jess but I don't trust you right now. I think you already know what happened to Ashley Greeley -and on top of that, I think you don't hate Poppy solely for flirting with Chuck." & " Lydia left the room as Tiffany grew more curious about the mystery. She unwrapped the box cautiously -considering it could contain anything. A white rose, the symbol of their once dominant popularity was emblemed on the small lit. She gasped at the sight of her old necklace shining back at her -one she wore when she was seventeen and immature -innocently in love. Swept by the dark mind of her highschool sweetheart and bestfriend. It was something she hoped would remain secrete -forever in the time capsule they swore to never dig up again. When she looked closely, dry blood remained where it was when she had buried it over twenty years ago. It seems like secrets weren't meant to be kept hidden and trust was never meant to be kept...at all. "