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Perseverance At Its Worse

"Make it count."Someone told her once.

'I'm trying.'Sena grumbled in her head, watching Percy from the distance as he played in the snow. She can't be passive now. Not when his life is at stake, now when they're still looking for them. He's the only one she could save. The only one.

Look at what you've done.

It's not her fault to begin with. She was just following orders. They toldher not to interfere, so she didn't.

You knew something bad was going to happen.

It's not like she could've just disobey a direct order from her superiors. That would lead to consequences. Terrible ones. But...

It's your fault all those kids lost their lives.

She could've done something.But it's too late to regret now. She made her choice, now she has to live with it. She'll protect him, no matter the cost.

Alright so this is my poor excuse of a summary. This story is still at it's early stages, so expect plotholes. A ton of them. And incorrect grammar.

This is my second published book so far. That I have future plans on and an actual planned plot instead of a on-the-spot, based-on-my-emotions one And that I pray and plan to finish. And it's still Undertale lmao.

I did publish a truckload of books when I was... in middle school oof. And boy, they were horrible.Deleted most of them (they were all Creepypasta fanfics, and fics, help). Told a few they were gonna live but then shot them when they weren't looking.

Stopped writing for a while then got into writing again but deleted the book (again), finally made another one that I managed to finish, in like, what? 2 years? And only 20 chapters??? With literally only around 900-1000+ word per chapter??? And some of the chapters were actually A/N's????

Yeah, I was a mess then. And still am now! :-D

But I got a plan so I'm really praying to God I finish this book.


PG-13 Planning