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Short Story
Two Question Interview with Nova: Old and New Version!

Older version:

Two question interview with my Oc; Nova!

- Tyna: "So, Nova, why do you want to make your brother bleed so much?"- Nova: "It all happened when I saw my brother bleed for the first time and the only thought that was going through my pretty little head was; 'That would make a pretty shade of red lipstick' " - Nova: "And what says 'I love my brother' more than wearing his blood on my lips?" - Tyna *whispering*: "A lot of things, but you do you"-  Teddie: "She's lying" - Teddie: "She only wants to prove that she's better than me" - Teddie: "Which, she is not" - Nova: "I am better than you!"*Que Nova starting a fight with Teddie* Tyna: "Alright, break it up!"

. . .

- Teddie: "Hah, couldn't even land a hit on me" - Nova *quite bruised up*: "S-Shut up!" - Tyna: "Teddie, I'm going to ask you, kindly, to please get out" - Teddie: "Fine" - Tyna: "Now let's continue, shall we?" - Tyna: "Nova, why do you wear red so much?" - Nova: "Because red doesn't show on red" - Nova: " Also, because I look ✨fabulous✨ in it!" - Tyna: "Alright, Thank You, Nova and everyone else, for being here" - Tyna: "Hope to see you soon!"

Newer version:

Me: "Hello there everyone! Today we're interviewing my character; Nova!"

Nova: "Hi!"

Me: "Let's start"

Me: "Nova, why are you always so desperate to land a hit on, your brother, Teddie?"

Nova: "First of all; I'm not desperate"

Nova: "Second of all; the only reason I want to land a hit on Teddie is because he's always mocking me!"

Nova: "He's always doing those cool things that I can't do! And it's always with a smug look on his face!"

Nova (holding a picture of Teddie): "Look at him! Look at that unbearable, taunting look on his face, it's almost as bad as Raixen!"

Me (in mind): 'Awwwww, she carries a picture of Teddie with her, so, she does really care about her brother'

Nova (standing on chair, wind blowing in her hair): "And that's why I've made it my personal mission to land at least one hit on Teddie to prove that I'm better than him!"

Me ( confused, in mind): 'Where did all this wind come from?'

Me: "Ah, great speech Nova, I hope that you reach your goal...as long as the hit is not fatal that is"

Then the sounds of clapping and shoes walking on the floor come out of nowhere.

Me and Nova: "Huh?"

[. . .]: "Yeah, great speech Novz"

Nova: "Teddie..."

Teddie: "Too bad it's most likely not going to happen"

Nova: "It will! And I'll make sure it hurts..."

Me: "No fatal injuries please!"

Teddie: "Hah!"

Teddie: "I doubt that"

Nova: "You know what!? Why don't I prove against that statement right here right now!"

Teddie: "I'd like to see you try"

Que the fighting scene (I need to learn how to write fighting scenes)

Me: "G-Guys! Please stop!"

Me (accidently gets hit): ". . ."

Me: "I said stop!"

- - -

Me: *Sigh*

Me: "Thanks for the help Ritsu"

Ritsu: "No problemo"

Ritsu: "And make sure to get that bruise checked out"

Me: "I will!"

Ritsu: "Goodbye!"

Me: "Bye!"

Me: "Anyway, back to the interview"

Me: "Nova, why do you wear read so much?"

Me: "Come to think of it, there has never been one time I've seen you without the colour red"

Nova: "Easy, red doesn't show on red"

Nova: "And because I look fabulous in it"

Me: "Of course you do"

Me: "I think I'll end the interview here"

Me: "Thank You Nova and everyonelse for being here today!"

Me: "Bye!"

Nova: "Tata~"

Behind the scenes:

Me: "Nova, let's go to the clinic to check those bruises, yeah?"

Me: "Teddie did a number on you"

Nova: "You don't need to remind me!"

Me: ". . ."

Nova: "Sorry..."

Me: "It's alright"

Nova: "Also, sorry for hitting you"

Me: "Ah? So it was you? It's okay though"

Nova: "Next time, I'm for sure going to land a hit on Teddie!"

Me: "Haha, I'm sure you will"

Short Story
Random (really) Short Stories

Name: Sotiria

Object: Birds Nest

Place:Forest in the mountains




Moist!, Moist!, Moist!

That’s all I could think about, that’s all I could smell, but at least I had my lucky bird's nest as a companion.

At Least I had Marlo, my bird friend, he will forever be with me in my stomach.

I should have listened to my guardian when they said not to go into the Sotirian Mountains.

Yet here I am, mumbling to myself like a mad man and listening to the mountains sing, I wish I could sing with them, but I had ripped my vocal cords out long ago because the voice told me too.

Now all I do all day is cough up blood and eat grass, oh!, did you know that blood adds good flavour to grass?

Dang it!, my cat; Marcos just spilled his kitty litteragain for the third time this week!, and even worse; my son, Justin, his chickenjust drank a whole month's supply of dish soap!, allowing him to get that chicken was the biggest mistake of my life!.

Not to mention I have a business meeting in thirty minutes but I have to get pizza sauceoff my outfit.

What I really need right now is a can of popto calm my nerves.

After a moment of trying to think of a plan to solve this mess; I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

Wow!, did someone spray pepperjuice in my eyes or am I just an emotional mess today?.

Short Story
The Lonely Prince

The Prince gazed out of the window. He looked out towards what was his but not his at all. His kingdom. The Tall Towers, the Four Gates, the Temple of Hope, the Lake of Teranias, the Forest of Dawn and the silver statue of the Moon Goddess. He longed to be out there but he couldn’t. He was imprisoned in his castle. He laughed humorlessly. Imprisoned in one’s own home.

Was it even home anymore?

He placed a pale hand on the cool glass. He wished to feel the soft breeze against his face. He wanted to bathe in the sun again, to feel the grass tickle his feet. He longed to be outside the walls of his prison. But he couldn’t. His soul was shackled into the massive library of his Palace. If he left the library, if he took one single step out of this room, he would die.

He remembered the cursed day vividly. His Kingdom was attacked by the neighbouring Kingdom. His father, the King, did not expect this. The attack was so sudden and unexpected. No one fore-saw the bloody war. Many innocents died that day. People killed and got killed. Crimson rivers drowned the Kingdom in sorrow and fury. Among the dead, he remembered, were his father and mother. But they had won the war somehow. The Prince frowned. No, no one won. If anything, they lost. War brought nothing but pain and death.

His sister went insane with the loss of her loved ones, her family, her husband and son. She had lost so much, she had even lost her right sense of mind. She had inherited the throne nevertheless. It was, in fact, his own sister who had caged him into this library.

You will be safe now, brother,she had said, stroking his cheek, looking into his eyes with her crazed, wild ones. You will not leave me. I will not allow it.

She stripped him of his freedom but he would never blame her. He could never blame her. She was and will always be his sweet sister. A single tear dripped down his cheek. Too much had changed. A few years ahead and he might become a mad lunatic too. The only thing keeping him rooted to this world were the books and scrolls that occupied the large shelves of the library.

But even that could not stop the sense of loneliness and emptinessinside the Prince. It was nothing new, the days before the invasion were the same as this. The similar sense of bleakness was his constant companion but his sister was there with him. His sister was his bright, warm flame which soothed away the coldness. Now he was alone. So, so alone. Another tear fell. Remembering his life before, now felt like reading another story. A life far away. The memories of his days under the sun with his sister, dancing and playing, were now just fragments of what could’ve been.

He broke out of his thoughts when something tapped on the window.



The Prince stared in shock and surprise at the unexpected visitor on the window sill. It was a bird. A very rare, beautiful one at that. It was a Golden Eagle. The massive bird bowed courteously.

“My Prince,” it said. He broke out of his reverie and stared at the creature, who was still bowing.

“Raise your head,” he ordered in a soft voice. The creature raised its head.

“What is your name?” the Prince asked.

“Arden, my Prince,” it answered.

“Tell me, Arden,” said the Prince. “Why have you come here?”

“I have come to help you escape.”


“My Prince, I have flown far and wide in search of how I might be able to save you from your sister’s grasp. I wanted to—”

“Arden! You must leave!”

“But my Prince—”

“No, Arden, you do not understand what you have done by speaking to me! You must leave at once! If my sister finds out—”

It was too late. A dagger flew by his cheek and embedded itself in the bird’s heart. The Prince whimpered and watched the life vanish out of Arden's eyes. The winged creature fell to the ground, dead and gone.

A slender hand went around his waist, tugging him away from the window.

“Brother,” his sister hissed, her other arm placed itself over his chest, enclosing him in a cold embrace. “You were not trying to leave were you?”

He trembled in her hold, trying to force his tears back. He dug his nails into his palm, trying to steady his breathing. “I wasn’t. I swear I was not trying to leave. How could you think of such a thing?”

The Queen hummed, pleased with his answer. “Yes, how dare I think of such a thing? You are my brother. My blood and only family. You would never leave me.”

He shivered at the amount of conviction she held in her voice. It was not the first time this happened. Men, women, children, even animals and mythical beasts, had tried to save him. Of course, none succeeded. The only thing that welcomed them was death.

He turned in his sister’s embrace and hugged her back. They rocked back and forth in each other’s arms.

“I wish mother was here to sing me to sleep,” he heard his sister mumble in his neck.

The Prince smiled, more like a meaningless tilt of his lips, and led them to a couch. He sat down and placed his sister’s head on his lap, combing his hand through her silky hair, just like they had when they were children. He started whispering a sweet lullaby, his gentle voice echoing through the room.

He watched the sunset through the window, leaning his head against the couch, waiting patiently as the clock of insanity ticked on him.

Short Story
Mirabel's Gift Headcanons

Warning! I haven't watched the movie Encanto

- I feel like / would want Mirabel's gift to be related to light.

- Mirabel would be able to make small balls of, harmless, light from the palms of her hands.

- Judging from the story type of Encanto, Mirabel's lights can only be used to illuminate a room, not for attacks.

- I feel like Mirabel and Isabella would be preasured to make every event / party perfect with their gifts, so they would be closer than at the start of the movie.

- When Mirabel and Isabella hang out in private, they actually act like themselves, which would also make them wayyyyyyy closer than at the start of the movie.

- Abuela would expect Mirabel to always be positive and happy since light is almost always acociated with posotivity and joy.

- Light=Hope, just wanted to add that.

- Mirabel's outfit would consist more of brighter colours with a few stars here and there.

- Mirabel's door would outshine everyone elses.

- Mirabel would be great children since she can entertain them with her light shows

- All the parents from the town(?) would bring their over energized coffee filled children to Mirabel to take care of them.

# 1 babysitter 💪😎

- Whenever Antonio is upset; Mirabel would put a light show to cheer him up.

- Mirabel is quite nocturnal since her gift is only really needed at night.

I might make more parts following the storyline on Encanto, don't count on it though :)

...Really, don't get your hopes up

Anything else you would like to know?

Short Story
So I was excited to write this then I forgot I might continue if I can be bothered too

For this I had a full plan for it was actually going to be based on true events that happened pretty recently in an Australian high school. So I will include the plan so this makes more sense. This really not suited for people over the age of  not in high school or middle school (here high school is for ages 11-18)

Based of true events



-strong language





-student 2








Story start


I fucking hate this school. It’s so boring. I wish I could do something to…spice it up.

Covid was the perfect opportunity for this. It started with a message from my mate.

“Hey, mate. Wanna fuck some shit up?”

Of course, I did. This shithole probably deserved it anyway. I responded by saying sure. He explained everything. For a dumbass, this may have been the smartest thing he had ever made up. It was a perfect plan to fuck this place over.

The first part of this was over zoom. Oh, the teachers definitely have something coming for them.


“Code…156380395, password 5cj7d.” I muttered. (not a real code I just smashed my keyboard)

I tend to speak out my thoughts sometimes. I think it helps me remember. I was just putting in the code for my next class. I hated this covid situation. Doing school from home is weird. At least I can have lunch whenever I want. I miss seeing my friends though. You would think I would see them over zoom but no. We all turn off our cameras. It sort of sucked because this was my first time in high school too. I was excited about the experiences.

The familiar white and blue box came up asking me to choose a name. It was class so I went with my name. It’s a rule after all. I checked my mic and pressed enter meeting. I was greeted by the sight of my least favourite teacher.  Mr Gordansey.  His face is always bright red and his hair reminded me of Severus Snape but somehow his hair was greasier.  This man put his face so close to the camera that you could see his pores. He also taught my least favourite class. Math.

I thought it would be a normal class. Until someone else entered. They had only used a dot as their name. It was probably just someone trying to be stupid.

The lesson was able to continue for about 10 minutes until the dot guy did something. He turned his camera and mic on. I then saw something horrific.

Short Story
Chapter 2

The lab I was in the next day was by far my favourite. It’s at the top of the machine closet. There are windows everywhere and you could see the end so clearly. The darkness looks like it could swallow you. It was a comforting thought. I love looking at the end.

When someone dies there’s a ceremony. Where everyone is gathered to watch the lifeless body be dropped into the end. Sometimes it’s nice but we’ve been told by the ultimates to throw live beings into the end before.  You can hear their screams fade away as they sink lower into the darkness. This is one of the times when I hate being a thinker because while the others watch with no thought I have to deal with all my thoughts coming in about everything.

I continued along with this session smoothly. A few people came in to watch and then went away. I wish I could read my thoughts. It would be nice to read. But I feel if I read thoughts my head would become too clouded and I may be killed. Today I think I would treat myself.

Everything finished smoothly. I was even able to finish early. I left the massive grey building I worked in. I walked down the road to my favourite spot.

It’s this small food station near greenery. Here there are eight different spots to either collect food or eat it around here. Mine is this place. It’s covered in plants and vines. There are small flowers that randomly bloom too. They bring off this beautiful scent when they open. They fill this place with their scent. The experience is what keeps me sane sometimes. If it weren’t for them I may as well have been put in the end.

The menus changed daily so I instructed a worker to make me the buffalo wings and cream cake. I then instructed another worker to make me an iced mocha and then bring it to the table near the blue vines. I sometimes wonder how I knew these things. I guess I had just forgotten when I learned these things.

I sat at one of the many wooden benches near the blue vines. It’s my favourite spot to sit here. The vines weren’t normal and I liked it.

My food was brought to me about 15 minutes later. I enjoyed my meal savouring the feeling of the cream melting on my tongue and the spiciness of the buffalo wings. Then I walked home. Again I felt like there were more eyes on me than usual. Maybe it was the caffeine kicking in? The streets had a new smell tonight. Less booze but more of sanitiser and cleanliness. Tonight must have been a cleaning night.

As I walked home I thought today was a good day. Now all I could do was go to bed and go back to the machine closet tomorrow.

If anyone has a better name other than machine closet it would be greatly appreciated. Were the foods partially what I wanted to eat at the time? Yes. I would like to dine at that food station though.

Short Story

I was walking to the machine closet enjoying the smell of booze and flowers as they filled my nose. I felt the gravel under my feet move as I walked. I was enjoying looking at the bleak buildings that towered over me until I heard…

“Stop and overthrow them! They are controlling you, don’t you see!?” Talkers were going around saying. It seemed like the thinkers were spreading things again, they needed to be stopped.

The talkers were arrested by workers before the protest got too bad. I didn’t want them to poison the children’s minds again. More children couldn’t be wasted. We were losing too many people after all. Every group is understaffed. Lovers are overworked, this place was losing it’s balance. The Ultimates need to do better.

You don’t know what the groups are, do you? How did you expect to join if you didn’t know them? Let me explain them to you then. Each group has a different mark. They are on our necks showing where we belong, it makes it easy to tell others if we don’t have a voice. Talkers are those with voices, that is all they do! Though some talkers have the ability to read.  They communicate for the rest of us and talk. Lovers are those that re-create for us no one but them knows how to do it, that is all they do. Workers build and work in ultimate enforcement.  Scribblers write for us they scribe everything, and thinkers work closely with them. Then there are the Ultimates they are the rulers no one knows who they are. Or what they look like. Each group has its own set of laws but there is only one common one. No mixing groups.

I am a thinker. I have no voice I only think. My purpose is to be hooked up to the machines and for my thoughts to be recorded and taken out or for them to transmit thoughts to the others. I’m quite famous for my thoughts, every group looks up to me. Besides ultimates.

As I was walking down the last corner I felt eyes on me. Of course, I couldn’t call out or ask. So the safest option was to just go. I was used to others looking at me anyway.

I got to work and was led to today's lab. This one was covered in red and the machinery was in the centre of the room. Was I going to be watched today? The room was bigger than usual. I hoped not though I hate being watched. I feel pressured to think of better things by the spectators. No one even knows what they look like. As they are hidden behind a dark screen.

The scribbler later arrived. But no one else. They must have just gotten a big room then. I decided to ask anyway. There was no talker around so I summoned the closest one to me. The talker stayed with us till the end of the session. I was able to communicate a lot easier with this person now.

Once I was unhooked from the machine I left the red room and made my way back to my home. Though I still felt as if someone was watching me.

So what do you think? I haven’t fully figured everything out yet so tell me if there are any holes in the world or if anything comes off as confusing. This will probably have really irregular updates so sorry in advance if chapters take a long time to come out. But I hope you enjoy Thinkers!

Short Story

At first, we thought the black liquid was oil, that we’d struck it rich and that we’d be able to retire and live in leisure. We actually started writing down all the ways we’d spend the money. Our first choice wasto buy a great big… Well, that doesn’t really matter anymore now does it? We were dealing in proverbial horses and carriages as well as counting eggs. So much so that our back forty was overtaken by the bubbling, black ooze long before the ink dried. The sluggish avalanche devouring all the plant life it touched. It petrified tress and shrubs alike. Lord only knows how quickly it must have taken out the bugs and small critters as it sloughed along.

The man from the natural gas company came out to do a small appraisal on what we’d unearthed. Given how remote our little town was from civilization, not to mention the farm itself, we weren’t likely to see a bigwig gas company man for near a month. When ol’ Charlie Josephs came to us he had a sparkle in his eye thinking of all the good an oil source would be for the local infrastructure. After all, we weren’t the type to strike big and abandon our homes to and flock to some Hills out in Beverly. When I tell you this you’ll know it to be true, that sparkle Chuck had died the moment he saw what was devastating our once lush countryside.

He didn’t rightly know what it was himself, but he told us the smell alone should have indicated that this was not what we had come to believe. He told us crude oil gives off a smell of diesel, rotten eggs, or sometimes even asphalt on a hot summer day. Instead we were assaulted with a smell of rotting meat and what can only be akin to an open infection. It was a rancid odor that overtook every available sense by clouding up the eyes with tears and making mouths water in the sickest way. Worse still, the smell lingered with something sweet like dying bouquets left too long in the vases that turned a stomach faster than a butter churn. No one was proud to admit ol’ Chuck wasn’t the only one to leave his lunch behind.

Environmental agencies were called and granted access to the site for assessment and testing. They stayed for about a week, coming and going with mobile laboratories and flatbeds full of equipment unknown by the likes of the town. There is a suspicion that they left with a few less people than we had seen come in the beginning. After they left, we went to inspect if the issue was resolved, when we come across a new chain-link fences two rows deep. It’s outer fence dotted every ten feet or so with red and yellow signs warning of a chemical spill that could attribute to loss of life.

Now, once every other month or so a “surveyor” from the agency comes to check on it with more questions that answers in the end.

Short Story
Page 6

Ohmph, my head. Lily whines in discomfort as she slowly begins to open her eyes and seat upright, hissing at the throbbing pain in her pelvic region.

Stay still princess Ryder ordered before rushing to sit on the bed, he carefully grabbed her hands and placed a soft kiss on the back of her hands three times before wiping the stray drop of tears on his cheeks.

Lily turned to him, she found herself slowly drawing in to wipe his wet cheeks with her other hand, her mouth opened to speak but shut back up almost immediately as it did.

Say it Ryder said, not taking his eyes off of her.

Its fine she said with a shake of her head, barely gasping for breath, panting. He noticed this and swapped their position so he was now seating behind her with his back to the headboard while she was between his legs, he then pulled her softly so her back was resting on his chest.

Next thing he know, she belched like she was fighting back a vomit.

The way she threw her hands to her mouth to block out the annoying sound of it that has already escaped made him start to rub her sides and stomach.

How did you find me?

Through the window.

You climbed your way to my room?


How, I mean the tree is kinda distant to my window?


Tell me she begged.

I used your neighbors ladder since it was readily available on the ground, Lily made a laughing spoiler face, she figured there was more to the story especially the fact that he is patiently waiting for her question him.

Then how did you get me out?

Her vision began to blur when the memory of how Marcus kicked her for one final time made her feel so surreal.

Have got you princess, come here. You need to take a nap, your body needs all the rest you can get.

The baby? She ask holding his hands for support, Ryder sighed.

It took a while longer that Lily thought he wasn't going to respond but he did.

You lost the baby, am so sorry.

Lily shrugged her shoulders together not realizing Ryder's gaze was now set on her, he was expecting her to be upset, shoot out of the bed and throw her body on the floor wailing.

Although he had just met her but a little spark of jealousy hit him after his mom helped stop the bleeding and later on proceeded to ask her son why he got her pregnant and forced her to abort the baby.

But Lily shocked him when she she took the news well and said nothing but oh.

Lisa Ryder's mom knocked on the door and suddenly walked Into the room without waiting for a come in, with a silver train in her hands, she smiled down at Lily who hid her face quickly with her hair squeezing Ryder's hand in fear.

Its okay Lily that's my mom Lisa.

Did I scare her?

Lily listened attentively as lisa whisper asked her son who grumbled out a short response in curt respect. Ryder pulled his body free from her and gently leaned her body against a pillow.

How are you feeling Lilianna.

Mom its Lily, Ryder corrected her.

Its fine, Lily whispered shyly to his hearing only.

Lisa teeth hissed at her son, how are you feeling?

Am fine, except for the cramps and the terrible headache and, my breast feels stuffy, sore, sensitive to touch, besides all of that pain, I think am fine.

Lisa wrinkled forehead finally relaxed itself, she placed the tray on the table and asked a shocking question.

Can we do it now?

Do what?


Do what?

More silence...

Ryder, what are we doing she asked rubbing the right side of her abdomen.

Mom can you give us a second to iron it out.

Yeah sure, I'll be in my office.

He nodded, focusing on Lily's confused stare.

At the gentle slam of the door, he cleared his throat and reached out, holding her two small hands in his.

Lily remember when you asked me about the baby he said lifting a eyebrow at her.


He paused.

She panicked, what is it?

Am I still preg-nant her shaky voice asked as tears were already clouding her iris.

No no no, he kissed her hands and draws circles on her laps, forming a heart shape. Its totally far from it, the light im the room suddenly glistened on Lily's face.

I don't know how to explain this better to you,

Is it unfixable she asked.

He sighed. Lily my mom, s-she he stuttered, she is An obstetrician, she most times work at home and sometimes at the hospital, so she ran some test and scan on you after she stopped the bleeding and figured that some of the uhm, he scratched his head nervously, unable to complete the sentence.

Am still partially carrying his blood in my womb, she whispered in absolute realization to herself.

Yeah, he lazily answered I know I said you lost the baby but if you corporate with my mom,am sure the result will justify the deed, there may still be a slight chance it survived the kicks Lily.

The two fell back into uncomfortable silence.

Lily realized her throat was dry, scratchy and her palms was getting sweaty from the sudden turn of the news.

Am ready she said without a second thought.

Lily, are you sure he asked.

She paused.

You don't have to do it, I will still support you all the way no matter what your decision is.

You are not going to ask me who the father of the baby is?

Is it important he asked sensing the distress in her question as his eyes lids twitched with lack of interest in the topic

Lily smiled, she couldn't believe her ears, her head felt fuzzy at his response.

Send her in please.

I'll be back okay, he kissed her cheeks and set out of the room to fetch his mom while Lily took that short time to think about what explanations to give, it was a better thought than the procedure she was about to embark on.

Oh sweety Lisa sits on the bed and wiped the fallen tears on Lillys cheeks away, am so sorry.

Is it going to hurt?

Lisa didn't want to lie and she didn't want to put fear in Lily's mind so she smiled and said I'll be quick.

Lily this is Margaret she works for me, is it okay for her to be in the room with you while I fix you up?

Lily nodded.

Hi little one Margaret waved at her.

Hello Lily greeted back in a rush.

All this time Ryder stood in front of the television set with his two hands pocketed, he had his mind set on who impregnated a girl like her, abandoning her to the point abortion became her first option, since he couldn't ask the question of who the guy is fearing she will resent him, he figured that maybe digging into her personal life secretly will save them both of their face.

Ryder Lisa screamed, slapping his face with a soft handkerchief to pull him back to reality.


Lily wants you to step outside.

His adam apple ran up at the chances  and possibility of the evacuation going wrong, he removed his necklace and went around to put it on her neck, kissing her forehead and whispering in her ears.

I'll be with you in spirit all through it all, okay?

Lily nodded and watched as he walked out of the room to give her, Margaret and his mom the privacy and space to get down to work.

Short Story
Hey. Sorry I ruined your life.

This is from Cinder to Kai, protagonists from the Lunar Chronicles. It’s a four book series with a short story collection and a novella.

​​​​​​​Hey, Kai. It’s me. Cinder Linh. The Lunar cyborg who almost started a war between Luna and the Earthen Union. Sorry I ruined your life.

I mean, obviously I didn’t mean to.

When I came up to you at the ball, with grease stains on my gloves and rain soaking my dress, I was trying to stop you from marrying Queen Levana. I guess you didn’t need my help.

I guess I didn’t want to give you up.

Kai, you are never going to get this letter.

You have no idea what’s going through my head. I used to make fun of the rest of Commonwealth girls for their silly crushes on you, like I was immune to your charms. Then you walked up to my booth at the market. I guess I couldn’t help it. You were so nice and… and… and normal. I think that threw me off. You didn’t act like a prince or a future emperor. Just a normal teenage boy. And I liked you.I didn’t have a foot at the time, if you were wondering why I didn’t stand up and bow. I had just taken off my old one, and the one that Iko, my android, dropped off while you were there.

Adri, my stepmother, stole that one and I wore the old one to the ball. I hadn’t had time to connect the wiring, so I was lugging around a hunk of too-small metal. That’s why it fell off.

But I’m sorry that I kissed you and embarrassed you in front of everybody. Especially since you weren’t going to marry her anyway.

I’m sorry Kai.

I miss you.

I’m going to burn this letter.

Short Story
Page 5

{Flash Back}

Will you like to sign up for anti-natal the female doctor asked with a worried but happy smile on her face, she could guess by Lily's appearance Lily is still a high school students and probably a Mama's favourite baby with her childish look, she felt sorry for Lily and thought of a way to help her, should in any case the baby's father turns his responsibility down and denies the paternity of the innocent baby. Take this she said, if you'll love to give the baby up for adoption, fill in the forms and bring it in three months before your due date.

Thank you mam.

{End of Flash Back}

It can't be Lily said looking down to the pregnancy results in her hands, she was sure the alcohol downing after the forced sex would wash away his sperm as on that same night, her father Marcus locked her up in the room all through friday night until monday morning giving her no choice for plan B but after he unlocked the door, Lily after 72 hours managed to use a postinor 2 tablet, her only fear was, she was in her ovulation week when Marcus forced himself unto her.

Lily's hand violently shooked as she squeezed the white paper in her hands, she didn't want to feel disgusted with her body no more so, she thought of reclaiming her freedom.

Tears drenched her shirt, she made a deal with her new friend and every deal comes with a condition and a price and she knows just whose perfect for the special surprise.

Lily decided to fix it while she can but, when she got to the bottom of the stairs, from the kitchen she saw her father and his corrupt friend Daniel a police officer marking and discussing with their focus intently on a map.

If I agree to this deal, my wife will be affected Lily's father hissed not liking the conditions attached to Daniels deal.

Daniel frowned, we don't have another choice he said gritting his teeth together, I suppose you can always find yourself another bitch to fuck, aren't you and your wife's best friend an item?

If I agree to this deal, I take seventy percent of the share he said ignoring Daniels early remarks.

Lily's face tightened, when this two is found together, nothing good ever comes out of it, her father was like the grim reaper and Daniel is the garbage man who cleans up the trash and trace of it.

Dickson will drive you to the location Daniel said, handing over to him a silencer pistol and a sharp pocket knife. Thankfully I had only my socks on so, I tried to tiptoe back up.

I didn't expect you to be eavesdropping young Liliana Daniel said, catching me off guard and surprising me as well.

Marcus walked in on us retorted as he clenched his fist together, fixing his angry gaze on me.

Do we need to clean up this mess too Daniel asked Marcus nudging his head in my direction just as Lily's heart plummeted.

She wouldn't dare Marcus responded in a seemingly threatening voice to Daniel but we both know he wasn't angry at his friend but at me.

Daniel glimpsed at me and nodded, call me if you need anything else also, do not delay the assignment, we'll revisit the percentage sharing when you come over to my cabin on Sunday okay, he said earning a eye roll and a glare from Marcus who lazily escorted him to the door.

I was alone in the room pondering over what great deal the two must be working on when Marcus barged into my room with a belt wrapped around his fist.

My stomach lurched at his blood shot eyes, Marcus took down his panties and threw them on top of the pile of dirty clothes I had left in the corner.

What is the number one rule Lilianna

I--i I'm sorry sir.

Tsk tsk tsk, its too late for apologies, just tell me what the first rule is.

Lily couldn't even see his face clearly, she found it a bit hard to respond to his questions, i- I she stuttered.

Answer me he yelled using the belt on the empty spot very close to her butt, that was a warning sign she knows, the next one will land definitely on her laps or any other part of her body.

Lily chewed her lips and muttered, the number one rule is to never show up in the face of a stranger or a friend....

And....? Daniel asked further.

And to not eaves drop on your conversations.

And you fucking broke my rule.

Lay flat on your back Lilianna, he barked at her.


Please I promise to be a good girl...

Marcus ignored his daughters plead for mercy and kicked her hard in the stomach, he continued his torturous kicks and successfully landed eight heavy kicks to her stomach.

You had no reason to be downstairs but of course you are going to keep been a busy ass detective and meddle in my private life like your mother does all the damn time, are you planning on setting me up and exposing my affairs to the FbI on my case because I saw you the last time been dropped by one of them.

Lily's stomach clenched, a big cramp hit her and before she could realize what was happening, a pool of blood soaked her pants.

Nausea, headache engulfed her, sharp light began to flash across her face, she raised her hands to grab Marcus feet but he kicked her, accidentally settling his eyes on the blood on the floor.

He grinned.

You better clean up this mess before I come back and don't even think of calling anyone for help

Because if you do, you won't be the only somebody I will slaughter like a ram but I will cut every meaty part of your helper, roast it and force you to eat them before I kill you.

Now get the fuck up and clean this mess up, he said holding his nose together like I stink, before he got to the door, I was out.

And the last thought i had on my mind is maybe I could finally be at peace, I hope Ryder forgives me for breaking another promise I made.