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KDrama Lover Society <3
KDrama Lover Society <3
KDrama Lover Society <3
Crazy about Korean Drama these days? Fangirling them so much that your going to nosebleed? Wanting to share or recommend some KDrama's? Not a problem! From the help of me, Rosemary Dawson (Call me Aud) as the President of this Society, I hereby announce that ANYONE CAN JOIN IN!!!

We also accept fangirls. And please read the rules and regulations before you start posting anything! Anyone who breaks the rules will be reported and after 5 times of reporting, you will be kicked out of this society! Don't worry, we do not have very strict rules. So you will be fine!

Please enjoy this Society to the fullest and enjoy every second! :)

And did you know this is the first KDrama Society ever existed in Penana?

Rosemary Dawson, President of KDrama Lover Society, President of K-Pop DAEBAK! Society.
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