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Short Stories Unite
Short Stories Unite
Why we write short stories.
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
What do you all think? Why do we write short stories instead of writing greater over arching worlds and twisting plot lines that ultimately lead us to a similar to conclusion?
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
Because sometimes that isnt necessary. Sometimes less is more. When writing,especially fiction, you do so to tell a story. Sometimes that story spans chapters, sometimes only a few hundred words. Quaninrty isn't as important as the quality. Some ideas become streched too thin when made into longer stories, while others require the longer length. So the reason why varies. Perhaps a writer doesn't wish to have to come up with more details or plot. Or perhaps the writer has told the story in its entirety, with nothing left to tell
Monos D.O.A
Monos D.O.A3 years ago
I do it because don't usually have a high attention span when it's just words, which is why description and dialogue are important writing parts to me.
I actually hear it's good for most writers to do flash fiction. You're writing almost every day, just a little project, and it helps with writing bigger stuff, because flash fiction can help people learn on cutting away unnecessary parts and sticking to the important stuff.
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
I have a new short story out if anyone wants to take a look, It's a bit longer than my usual but I think it's quite good. Why not give it a read and let me know what you think?
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
I'll read it as soon as I get a free chance.
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
@roseofnoonvale,  thank you, and if anyone else has anything they want reviewed give me a thought, I'll be sure to be fair and supportive as always.
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
@ViridianMind, if you feel up to it, maybe check out some of my works. I'm not picky as to which, just if anything sounds interesting to you
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
@roseofnoonvale,  of course! I'd love to read some of your things, I'll be sure to leave comments and critiques.
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
@ViridianMind,  thank you! I always appreciate feedback
WordyKite3 years ago
I enjoy writing short stories because you get to flesh out an idea that's been bothering you all week long. The idea whispers in your ear, the idea haunts you while you sleep, and the idea drives you insane! But once you put it down on paper and give it a little story, it stops bothering you.

Ok, that was my troll answer. My real answer: you finish a story pretty quickly, there isn't as much stress, and usually some one can read it in one sitting.
Mike Marsbergen
Mike Marsbergen3 years ago
A story is only as long as it needs to be. I love all lengths, from the dribble to the drabble, the short story to the novelette, the novella to the novel. Every story is different.
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
I write short stories because its easier for me to focus on. I can tell the story without having to worry if I have to much boring/filler parts, while still saying everything that needs to be said.
Alvin Atwater
Alvin Atwater2 years ago
I'm actually debating on whether to turn Imperfect, one of my short stories, into a longer work.
The same could be said for Mind Control too.
Bethany Aaron
Bethany Aaron2 years ago
Short stories are just that; short. You don't always need 50,000 words to get an idea across. Sometimes you can say the same thing in only a few pages.
David Crook
David Crook2 years ago
I write short stories from time to time simply because I enjoy it. I tend to lean towards horror when it comes to shorts but like most have said, sometimes less is more. you don't need a whole book to get your idea out.
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