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    Julia Hope
    Julia Hope
    hey everyone, I'm Julia <3 Now that I have been writing for a while, let's change my bio. I'm a Korean American short story writer and I'm always full of ideas! I'm mostly here to enter contests and make friends, but I might publish a longer work one day. Maybe, if I can learn to stick with it. *** she/her Straight Fun facts about me: -I like coding -Writing is only a hobby — I'm studying to become a pediatrician -I'm a fast typer, my average WPM is 100 words Please go follow: Eli Mira Cheeto ItsAmelia Mia Flame MarkTwain2.0 Esfandiar C. Hale RampantStrawberry 2ignature Sm1ley-Face geeky_geeky_nerd SouthernSquid Lamington bunnybear henfryer Jay Ellis Clovers Saurna (See what I did there?) Thanks for reading, you guys are wonderful :)
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Dream Blog!

I will try to update this every few days.

If someone can teach me how to label this as a blog and not general, that would be great-

TW: Violence, gore, and swearing may be included in some entries.  I will try not to post anything way too gory. 

Thanks for reading, and if you want to include some of your own weird/interesting dreams in here, that would be awesome.