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Some Story Lore on Decca: The Battle of Cards

Hi, I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their support on this story that is still very much a work in progress. If you are interested, this will be some lore to the story, no spoilers of course. I'm just one writer working on this story and if you are interested in learning more about it or you enjoy it and want to express what you like and even what you don't like, do not hesitate to leave me a comment. Please be patient due to story just being a hobby of mine and time for me is limited. Enjoy!

Decca Story Origins and Thoughts:

Decca: The Battle of Cards story started off as a simple concept, I wanted to build a story centered around powerful cards and I'm a big fan of trading card games of course, so it was a no brainer what the core of the story would be about.  As a big fan of Shōnenanime, like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho etc., I wanted to fuse my passion for trading card games and anime by creating a story that centers around interesting characters that battle each other with trading cards. Yeah, I know the concept hasbeen done before. However, my idea took a bit of inspiration from anime like Naruto just to name an example, where the characters learn techniques using their hands to summon elemental and other type of abilities. For my story the cards would be key for the fights. Characters would be involved in fast-paced action but of course using different cards in order to summon the different techniques and elemental abilities. There could be something out there, a comic book, another novel, a video game even that probably has a similar concept or basic elements to my idea. Well, I haven't come across it just yet. Any similarities is just coincidental. The debut of this story, the first rough draft, was posted originally on Storywars.com. This site no longer exists unfortunately, but turns out that my story really didn't take off on that platform. (If you do a little of investigating on Storywars.com you'll understand.) I decided to take it and expand on it and eventually I was able to create 8 chapters (Still a work in progress.) However, I decided to give up on it for a time due to lack of response from an audience. I kept fixing and adding to the story little by little. I officially added all 8 rough draft chapters to websites like DeviantArt, Booksie and Wattpad to name a few. I got a lot of hits on Booksie.com but Wattpad.com and DeviantArt.com was not very successful.  (I even created many different types of cards for the story and posted them on my   DeviantArt profile https://www.deviantart.com/eamproductions).  But I kept at it and eventually found this awesome site. I decided that if the story does take off I would dedicate more of my time to it. On this site I decided to take my time, take it slow and not rush and add all the rough draft chapters but instead see if there is enough interest. If I see the interest, I will dedicate more of my time to develop and edit each upcoming chapter. Thanks for reading and your support. - X Caliber - Take care!

Short Story
The Tale of Guy


Two Roads

It wasn't a busy road. Signs of any sort of treading are scarcely found, not even the prints of deer have their hooves pressed in the ground. Matter of fact, although it looked to be more friendlier than its neighbor on the left, people tend to choose the rougher road; even when carrying the knowledge of its dangers. Why? Well... the problem wasn't the road, but the rumors that taint it, "I heard he shot someone's dog just because it peed near his house!" "I heard he killed four men, with only two bullets!" "Yeah? Well I heard he stole a woman's husband... not wife, but husband!"

"Say the right yeah? It looks safer than the left road--" "Oh you don't wanna go down that road, that's where the man that looks like a crow lives."

Yada yada-- the rumors go beyond the highest mountain tips, echoing down into the ears of gossiping housewives. Becoming a children's tale, "Ever heard of the big bad wolf?" Nah, kids of these days grow up to hear, "Ever heard of the big bad crow?"

Silly rumors, I know, but enough of'em to make any stranger to those parts weary; as it is better safe than sorry.

But that's just the country's half of the story, the one based on half-truths and well-spoken lies... have I made you curious enough yet? Well if I haven't made you curious I sure have made my own self! Which is good enough for me. After all, I always find those painted in lies to be the most truthful of them all. And I'm just plain bored, so whether I get shot or find a cool fella worth givin' a shot-- well, it's all the same to me. So what do ya say? Wanna take a venture down that road less taken?

Ayo, author here!

"Another story..? You're not even finished with the others." I know I know, but I just can't seem to rummage any care for my other stories right now (As they are a bit more "serious" and I wish to really write those ones well) So I'll be taking a little break from those other stories of mine on here for awhile, since my passion for them is kind of drained right now ^^''

But since I want to keep writing still involved in my daily life, here's a comedic/semi-serious story about the wildwest!

Backstory of the story...

The Tale of Guy, is actually a story not solely from myself, but also from my bestfriend, who's also a writer. We came up with it while high on a sugar rush, just messing around with random ideas that sprawled into our brains lol.

We both looooooveeee this western video game that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIKE-- *chefs kiss* but ahnyways-- Red dead redemption 2! It's an insanely good game if you like cowboy stories, and free-roaming games. But yeah! My friend isn't too good with writing comedy... all her stories are extremely serious and dark, so she is very good in those aspects lol But I am not-- so! Since our writing styles are drastically different from one another, this story will def be different from what I usually tend to write. That being said... this story won't be too long, nor will it be too quick, but I plan to finish it sometime within the next coming months. Aha-- we'll see how that goes... but ye! HOpe you enJOY!

My name is #2006


365 days

In the corner of a room, the gentle breath of a child rests in slumber. A small thin body dressed in white clothing, her darkly tanned legs dangling over the warm wooden planked floor. Her arms form a makeshift pillow, while dainty hands caress her black pixie cut hair; with rays bouncing off fading to silver streaks.

Her eyes begin to widen upon being awakened by the clear voice of a man. Before quickly shifting into firm footing, standing lean as a wall. Her eyes the only thing remaining low to the ground.

Her ears twitch by the raising of tone-- "Recite the purpose!" the clear voiced man says. Rummaging an intake of air, the young girl obeys and in the tiniest of childlike voices,

"365 days is what it takes for the earth to go round the fiery planet we call, sun. 365 days is what makes up the small sum of time we call, year. 365 days is when everything everyone dreams of, happens to one or another, in one of those 365 days. One year, 12 months; break it down, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. Remember this, because this is what we call-- life. And without this, everything will cease to be, those who breathe this life will cease to be, and those who've never breathed this-- never were. Because life is ever-changing, it is preceding the moment of stillness. And once that step forward is halted, this is the moment that every human being is aware of-- when life stops; death. Remember this also, because this is the reason for your entirety. One day the 365 days will come to a halt, the day when change is suddenly nevermore, that moment when the world will reap all that it has sowed; and they will know his name, through your own-- never forget this."

And at a halt it was made, through the astonishment in the faces of little children clothed in white; scurrying back into orderly position at the rippling of shadows coming from the walking of the smirking man. Who then resumes class at the clack of his wooden stick.

Tightening her neck as to refrain from sighing in relief-- she dangles her legs once again. Getting lost in the interest of her eyes... that look back at her from her reflection, that portrays itself onto the rounded window.

Then just as quickly as her short attention span, the years slip by.

Lights turn on inside a room, empty as a mans stare who just lost all feeling in his heart. An alarm pierces through awakened ears, as the sun rising high as ever reveals itself through the vast array of rounded windows, one set between each door; each unlocking the bedroom of a child with nothing to hide.

And with the jiggling of door knobs, hastily positioned white booted feet, thump onto the floor. Children ranging from the ages 14 to 17 imitate the stance of a marine, waiting for their commander to say, "At ease." As silence reigns, in the stillness of the air where a pen drop sounds like an explosion with its echo.

While usually enveloping its admirer in all its glorious warmth, the sun appears dim and gray once it reaches the inside of this sorely decorated hallway. Suddenly, breaking the still pattern of this atmosphere-- is a bean pole of a man.

Setting one foot heavily in front of the other, creaking the metal floor, he strikes every child paralyzed; as he swiftly but intensely examines them, as every glance feels like a stare down.

Till he comes to a halt. His eyebrows furrowing towards one another, the air quivers as stares roam around in search for answers. But time being no more lenient for this man than it is for any other-- he carries on. Reaching the head of the hallway, looking down to the other end.

And in this moment, no movement besides the blinking of eyes can be seen nor heard. That is until the stoic man breaks the seal placed on his tightly locked pretty lips; unmasking a voice that puts a bears roar to shame. Spouting the words--

"God has opened his eyes once again. Till he closes them, what do we say?" And in a roaring well-orchestrated symphony, the children reply altogether, "At your heed!"———————————————————End of Prologue365 days———————————————————Author | a.t.e———————written | 1/20/2022

Hey! It's me again :))

Here's another story of mine that I started working on in the beginning of this year. This one, like my first story-- Memories Dreamnt, is also inspired off of a strange dream I had.

Growing up I always had a lot of strange dreams. And more often than not, most of these dreams are more fittingly to be called nightmares. I can't remember the last time I've had a "normal" dream, everyone I can ever recall has always been like some sort of terrifying horror movie; filled with monsters, gruesome killings, demon like beings-- I won't go into it... you get the gist right?? heheh.

Anyways, why am I telling you about my silly nightmares? WELL! bEcause Jimmy, I'm sure you're witty enough to realize why. But since I'm already taking the time and care to write this, I'll just blurt it out for ya.

Yes yes... My name is #2006 is inspired by a nightmare that I had longggg not too longgg ago. So, that being said, I'll also tell you what happened in that dream.

POV of your authors mind

There was these children, sitting somewhere extremely foggy. Wearing the same thing as the other beside them, and standing there like they were statues. If I'm being honest, I can't remember much of it anymore-- but what I remember the most, is that strange... eerie, almost... I want to say drenched in a type of horrid suspense, just waiting... waiting for something to happen in that stale world. These kids, I do remember, were being controlled by someone. This person kept them somewhere that seemed so heavenly on the outside, yet on the inside of yourself-- you felt so dreadfully the opposite.


Not really a POV eh?? Well, can't say I didn't try. I think the worst part about a nightmare is not what you see, but what you feel. It's absolutely wretched.

That being said, you can probably grasp that I have some pretty bad dreams. Looll *cough*

Dang this is getting too long-- turning more so into a rant than a quick description huh? I'll end it here then :)) I hope that I am able to convey the feelings of my nightmares into this story so that whoever is reading may feel just as horrified as me. *wink*

(I'm just kidding guys. It will only be scary sometimes, not all the time :)