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PG-13 Completed

RELEASE DATE : 28/10/22 - 04/11/22 (GMT+7)

Cake is invited to vacation with Duo Pusscat, private detectives who have officially collaborated with New Scotland Yard, the most famous in England, to a villa in the Patterdale area. They planned to go there with six other people who were listed as main guests. However, when the owner was about to take attendance, it was stated that there were seven main registered members. Moreover, the seventh person is the one who pays for all the villa facilities. . ..


Night came....


As rumors circulated that the ghost of the Victorian woman was said to be burning souls, a corpse was found in the fireplace that looked like ashes. The Cumbria Region Police Team was unable to identify the burnt body. Who are the victims? Who dunnit? Was that what the Victorian woman did?