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    Hello! I'm ChaoticPeacock. I'm brand new to Penana. I am most likely going to write a lot of fantasy stories. I'm kind of a new writer so please understand that my stories may not be the best. Lol

    Now a little about myself:
    I'm a female and go by she/her/hers.
    I'm asexual, demisexual, and straight.
    My favorite animals are dogs and peacocks.
    My favorite numbers are 4, 7, and -2.
    I have 2 siblings, a younger sister, and an even younger brother. (my sister is 6 years younger than me and my brother is ten years younger than me!)
    I play the piano and the flute.
    I'm in my school's marching band.

    I really like the idea of a team creating a story together, so if you are in need of a collaborator please consider asking me.
    However, I'm not a very advanced writer, with only about a year and a half worth of experience, so if you have high expectations then I recommend not asking me to collaborate.

    I would be very open to collaborating with anyone on the subjects below:
    -Stories in an animal/mythical creature's pov (like Wings of Fire/Warriors)
    -Fantasy stories
    -Dystopian-themed stories
    -Horror/dark-themed stories
    -A choose your own adventure story (this one really brings my attention)

    If you don't want to do anything on the list but still need a collaborator, you can message me about your ideas and we can work something out from there.

    Thanks for reading my bio and have a great rest of your day!
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