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    Common Man Conner
    Common Man Conner
    Hello I don't like to disclose my name so please just call me Conner, I'm a frequent writer who makes various stories based on different ideas in my head or what I've been inspired by through various media. I'm pretty laid back and fun loving, I enjoy reading as much as writing. As for acting I've done some plays in highschool before, those being 12 Angry Men when I was juror #8 and Noises Off as Lloyd both very fun plays to act. I do hope I can learn from other writers and hear things from potential readers. Please don't forget to like the stories, its exceptionally helpful and motivational for me and it costs nothing of you. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
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Chaos Harbinger

 A family of three Father(Logan), daughter(Vivian), and son (Alexander) moved away from the rest of their family to live at Logan's old family home, however their change to life brought about even more sudden changes. They now find themselves in a newfound world battling for not only their freedom  but for the freedom of this parallel world all while facing mounting dangers, new discoveries about themselves all alongside new friends.