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    Common Man Conner
    Common Man Conner
    Hello I don't like to disclose my name so please just call me Conner, I'm a frequent writer who makes various stories based on different ideas in my head or what I've been inspired by through various media. I'm pretty laid back and fun loving, I enjoy reading as much as writing. As for acting I've done some plays in highschool before, those being 12 Angry Men when I was juror #8 and Noises Off as Lloyd both very fun plays to act. I do hope I can learn from other writers and hear things from potential readers. Please don't forget to like the stories, its exceptionally helpful and motivational for me and it costs nothing of you. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
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Lost Soul

In The Void There Was Nothing, The Only Beings Were The Gods. 

"Lost Files Log Seven, We Failed. The Reality God proved too strong, sadly enough he didn't just have only monstrous strength like we were lead to believe...he harbored extreme cunning...something we were not prepared for...his abilities were too vast...I leave this in hopes our plan works..in hope that there is a chance....We are not alone, in the universe. There was a reason we always feared the dark.....don't trust the gods...never trust the gods...they brought Mortals into their squabble..we weren't ready...trust your humanity before them. We needed more and they gave less..Good Luck...May you be more fortunate than we were. End Of Log." A man placed down his recorder into the hand of another being, they looked disgusted by the words this man spoke.

"It isn't our fault you know."

"It's what you want us to believe, if you have even a semblance of memory of all this...be better next time."

"This won't be a reset...much grander..a complete wipe. The scale will start from the beginning...it will start from scratch. We can't allow him a second to understand anything, if he does...we lose."

hK1IHTmaBIr8m5x5N1jPm0_HgQ--S3EfAEk8iU5IDkNQtnaVSb9T9wyMNaghSR04gXwfBO41TmwS5ZvrVJtXTdq_GeY3VTb1gDZ6Uj6GvcRTAni9X6KBWddBnNyb5T4soEbMwOw88iVl4QPkZ00aUOEA being who radiated a blue glow sat down in a meditative state as the universe began to rupture and break, the rips and tears begin showing as they stand in front of a black hole.

"Hurry up!"

Another being shouted as he rose his hand and chains began to fly into the black hole imbued with a Magenta energy, the other beings began to do the same but they saw a black mass emerge and shred the chains as a boy floated there his eyes oozing a black substance and his pupils glowing blue.

"The End Of The World Isn't Yours To Determine False Gods." He spoke to them, they were enraged as a red feminine looking being shouted.

"Who are you to talk to us?! A Forsaken mortal, you have no place in our affairs!"

"And yet.


A voice boomed and a large arm emerged from the dark void of the black hole and reached out grabbing the fabric of reality as it was, The One began to exit as the boy moved out of the way. His entire body began to be engulfed in the black substance covering him like armor.

"All of you, due to your weakness. Use mortals, to enforce your plots." The One emerged from the void and looked down on the beings before him, he glared at them and then grinned.

"Oh? This was the best you could think of?" The beings began to rush him in union attacking him from various angles however he and the boy began to effortlessly fight against them all, working in far better coordination to defeat and decimate them.

"Get. Him." The One pointed to the one mediating, the boy nodded and flew at him.

"Mortal!" The Red radiating one shouted and rushed after the boy but was grabbed and slammed into the Magenta one as a green beam was fired at The One and he evaded it, instantly a black being rushed him and began swinging but was effortlessly evaded while The One harbored a smile on his face the entire time.

"How does it feel? To be the scapegoat." He smacked the beings punches away, he glared and summoned a scythe swinging it. The scythe harbored heavy necrotic effects along with being cosmic infused, he would swing it furiously at The One as he spoke more.

"The Second Family Failure?"

"You speak with a forked tongue, unlike you I wasn't Forsaken and never will be!"

EMm2hfM6lqRrICy54Pfh7RY20nKR7dpU_s_TZNDZsDskHSR3buYkt9g43YjpkLQG1vo2-bRpYTgC0LF93waJ6MJxDiZ_iGF3nUQQ1KK0proBh4U_UPHj_ndP4bGS7kvTYiawiy2qh7WgbutZkf9TvCYHe swung as The One evaded and back handed him viciously causing the entire void to shift and tear with just the impact. The Black one stumbled and seemed to weaken, The One grabbed him by the throat and glared at him.

"Yet like me, You Are Foolishly Believing They See You As An Equal." Another green ray flew at The One as he turned his head and raised a hand catching it. He then proceeded to slam it into the Black being's chest, sending him flying away.

"Heads Up." The boy slowed down as he turned and evaded the flying being.

"Such power." He spoke as he turned to face The One as the others seemed terrified of his very presence, a green barrier was made by a green being to defend each of them as best she could but with just a wave it was broken.

"Curses.." She took a deep breath and stood up prepared and looked toward The One.
"We both know you will not succeed, you should know this better than anyone."


"Wouldn't that be a blessing beyond for you all, be happy you're all still alive you parasites."

"Defend Me Fools!" The Blue one shouted as he then broke his meditation and evaded his siblings.

"I've plotted for this for eons and none of you are impressing me, your claim to power is weak." They rushed The One and all he did was wave his hand and suddenly they were paralyzed and felt their bodies begin to break down and be destroyed.

"Now. I give this realm, this reality, this entire universe and all that be. Oblivion." He raised his arms and suddenly a large slash was given to his back, a blade tearing through him.

"Did that even hurt?"

"My Liege!" The boy shouted as he turned, The One grabbed the boy and threw him away as his entire body was engulfed in a storm of blades slashing and tearing through him

"My Liege!" The boy shouted as he turned, The One grabbed the boy and threw him away as his entire body was engulfed in a storm of blades slashing and tearing through him. A hailstorm of bones imbued with magic was summoned and fired down upon The One however The Man seemed to change again...for a few moments.

He changed again and again, evolving, adapting

He changed again and again, evolving, adapting...losing like an endless cycle each time he was damaged he evolved to a higher state before the damage could root, he healed...however The One was too far beyond...an endless cycle meant nothing.

Finally it ended with his arm torn clean off

Finally it ended with his arm torn clean off.

"AUUUUGGHH!! Ghn..haaa...haaa..Damn..even after all we've done and even after all that.. you're still standing. Barely even a scratch too...Welp.. I'm at the end of my line. I know when I've been beat. All this power and I still feel short.."

"Oh don't sound so down, I am the epitome of what The End is. But know this, I always found it commendable, no matter what timeline you always stood up to me. In a way no other could.."

"Well damn..thanks. Well..goodbye. You're still an asshole."


"....Eh heh...eh heh EH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA EH HEH HEH HEH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" The One began to boom with laughter for a few moments before it ceased and he began to speak
"On second thought, I give you all One Last Chance. To do something, absolutely ANYTHING to make amends for what has happened. If not well then, all shall cease to be. Fair isn't it? But this will be played with a menacingly clean slate. Remember this, you live. Because I Allow It."

Reality began to break and shatter as everything finally Went Black

Reality began to break and shatter as everything finally Went Black.  The One then turned to the boy, the Boy seemed conflicted, he seemed troubled, he seemed lost...suddenly The One fired a beam through his head which sent the boy falling into the black abyss like a lifeless doll.

".....You'll understand, when it all settles you will understand." The One watched as the multiverse began to combust upon itself and close in, he smiled and closed his eyes..to slumber..in the farthest reaches of it all.​​​​​​​