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    Avisha Rasminda
    Avisha Rasminda
    Avisha Rasminda is a young poet and writer, whose writing delves into the intricacies of life in all its forms. With a focus on both non-fiction and biography, Rasminda self-published his debut book "I'm In A Circle," while also exploring the worlds of crime and fantasy writing. Rasminda began honing his craft during his teenage years, and now, at 23 years old, has brought his unique voice and perspective to the literary world.

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Everything has a time
R Completed

Even for us got time range here, when our time comes we have to go left all the things behind here.

but I want to mention one thing for all of you, we will come here again.

So don’t panic people, some people want to live here forever, some people don’t but everyone gotta go when the time comes, even I got time in this world.

I want to remind you we have to give something to the world before we disappeared from this world.

When I was a kid, I go to Sunday School every Sunday.

They have taught me some rules about life.

Then I realized how gonna end all of this around me going to destroy one day.

And I want to tell you This because recently my mom talks about this topic with me.

My mom told me what is all this for, in the end, we all gonna die right and some people wish to see their grandchildren but some people didn’t get a chance to see them. Some of them gone before Grandchildren born.

Every day we wake up, eat, sleep or work, enjoy is this the life all of us thinking, is it? I don’t know really

What is it about this sometimes I feel this whole thing is a setup and I got this feeling over the years now because sometimes this likes an imaginary picture.

I feel like this reality was given by someone else.

Just think if we don’t have time here what would be happen

( if I told you I don’t have any idea about that one you will tell me you must know that because you’re the one who writes this ) yeah, I know I supposed to know that yeah, I know

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