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Through Her Eyes
Writer MousyCh
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Through Her Eyes
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Chapter 39- We Gain Some, We Lose Some
Nov 13, 2017
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GNGKxykuatJj6HBR9sEQposted on PENANA

On the night of December 25th, a sharp brown owl was flying back to his master after sending the last package to Spinner's End, Cokeworth, Midlands. He was flying peacefully above London when his ears caught on a hiss. It was coming from down below, from a house hidden between other houses. The owl landed on a railing and listened because that was everything he could do; he couldn't see into the house because it had protection all around.copyright protection25PENANAlw1JcTNzAE

"I can't believe you're so excited for the Christmas dinner. Stop being so preppy, Reg."copyright protection25PENANAfgsV0ZuktE

"We'll have the Malfoys over and the rest of the Blacks. But I heard mum that someone new will visit us tonight."copyright protection25PENANANdYUUzM41q

Sirius Black scoffed and rolled his eyes at his younger brother. They were outside, escaping their mother's screams. Sirius was tired of the same accusations. It would begin with the usual How could you disrespect us and deny changing houses? and go along How can you befriend mudbloods? and the newest one, How could you send such a message to me? Family should come first. Life was hard in the Black household.copyright protection25PENANAUnXW69QTJq

"Oi, what's that?" Regulus asked, noticing a stoic object in the form of an owl, standing with its eyes closed.copyright protection25PENANAyYG0TH0o2t

Sirius turned towards the owl and blinked in confusion before walking closer to it. The owl opened his eyes and stared up into those black orbs, tilting his head to the side when he caught sight of the younger boy following his brother.copyright protection25PENANA3QH1LBAxFB

"This is Molley's," Sirius mumbled, remembering him especially because he bit when approaching him. copyright protection25PENANAXAZVw54mZN

"He doesn't seem to have any presents for you. I guess there's someone who hates you more than mother." Regulus said bemusedly, which might have been true. Sirius and Ophelia were house mates and classmates and lately, partners in mischief. But nowhere near friends.copyright protection25PENANANyMuzGcz4e

"What's he doing here? Molley's staying with a family friend from what James told me."copyright protection25PENANA375K8QmJn1

"Who is this Molley?" Regulus asked curiously, glancing at the brown owl. copyright protection25PENANAklCkg9plvp

Sirius couldn't respond because the owl moved his wings and flied away. But Regulus remained with a question and he was sure he will find out the answer, be it good or bad.copyright protection25PENANA9jXVNwBZ6F

"Merry Christmas!" Cerberus yelled opening the door widely to her door. "Wake up, little fox! You've gotten gifts!" He announced, waiting patiently for Ophelia to wake up.copyright protection25PENANAe9NjTV9gFx

"It's really early in the morning, isn't it?" She asked rubbing her eyes tiredly.copyright protection25PENANAi0TUka3Jvz

"Very." Cerberus replied before he walked out, leaving the door open.copyright protection25PENANA9ES6zGDbGK

Ophelia sighed and fell with her back on the bed, spreading her hands and groaning loudly. With closed eyes, the witch felt something on the right side of the bed, something under the covers. Unveiled, it was a beautiful ring, made of silver with a crest in form of a serpent. Looking at it closer, there was one eye on the serpent and it looked like a very small ruby. It was beautiful and Ophelia was so touched that she teared up.copyright protection25PENANAQUTDeNzo3e

"Come or I'll open your presents myself!" Cerberus screamed from downstairs.copyright protection25PENANAVleOfzZjju

Ophelia rubbed her eyes and wiped her nose before she put the ring on. It was perfect. copyright protection25PENANASs9LzJrdU7

The day continued rather well with lots of butterbeer for Cerberus, his mug filling itself every time he'd gulp it down. The brown haired man seemed way too happy compared to the cold professor. Spinnard was standing on his favorite armchair, a cup of tea in his hand, looking uncomfortable.copyright protection25PENANAXK1QogEYEH

Overall, Ophelia received presents from each of her friends, including the loud mouth Potter and dark locks annoying Black. The difference was that those presents were obviously bought by someone other than them. Lily bought her a muggle book and Cissney bought her an empty globe.copyright protection25PENANAdz3roi0nCk

"It's a Rememberall. There's red smoke forming inside when you forget something." Cerberus explained, sustaining a grin and fond look.copyright protection25PENANASuM1flKHyF

"Does it show it to me? What I forgot, I mean." copyright protection25PENANAOvpQmO60MK

Cerberus seemed a bit confused as he thought about a response.copyright protection25PENANAIZkLrJ4s7G

"Well, no. It just informs you that you forgot something." copyright protection25PENANAMZbz1qUM8t

Ophelia hummed and nodded, finding the object useless but still happy that she received it. Another present that she genuinely liked, except her father's, was Snape's. He sent her a phial of potion, a bit strange looking.copyright protection25PENANArWZRMlFTms

"That Severus Snape has too much time on his hands. Do you know what that is?" Cerberus asked, once again his mug filling by itself. copyright protection25PENANAE4sYQUIUmP

"A potion. Perfectly made, probably." She replied pulling it closer to her eyes. copyright protection25PENANAA9OLIQcDCk

"It's Baruffio's Brain Elixir. It increases the brain power." Spinnard said coldly, eyes falling on the sparkly new jewel on her finger. copyright protection25PENANA63h6V4sAXO

"That's helpful. But if you believe it's too hard during an exam, just read their minds." Cerberus said jokingly, being hit immediately by a flying object. "I wasn't serious, of course! Didn't have to hit me, Luce. Why not give her our present now?" copyright protection25PENANA3BTvAJpiDM

"Our?" She asked sarcastically, her eyes falling over Spinnard.copyright protection25PENANA7eWW0EMdhp

"Here," Cerberus took something from his back pocket and handed it to her with bright eyes.copyright protection25PENANAyotPuoTWZR

It was a book but slightly different from the muggles'. It looked ancient and worn out but it was truly beautiful. The title was completely unfamiliar, though she might have heard her mother talk about it before under different circumstances. The Tales of Beedle the Bard. The cover felt soft at hand and once she opened it, carefully as to not harm it in any way, she couldn't help but caress it gently.copyright protection25PENANAL3tEz3oYm2

"Thank you. Was this mother's?" She asked looking up at Cerberus with tears in her green eyes.copyright protection25PENANALugHqhmduD

"It was Peverell's," Spinnard interfered, "He wanted to give it to you on your 11th birthday but circumstances didn't let him to." copyright protection25PENANAD226SwvMtv

"Is Peverell dead? Did father kill him?" She asked, looking down at the book. Her ring was shining beautifully on her finger while her hand was resting on the red cover. It was like two different pieces of her past placed together.copyright protection25PENANADey7T7bh6x

"That's hard to say. Nobody knows what happened to him. He just vanished." Cerberus said with a tint of sadness. That changed quickly when he finished yet another mug of butterbeer. "Let's not dwell on the past and look towards the future!" He exclaimed smiling at the witch.copyright protection25PENANAjS1AzsRWGm

Truthfully, Christmas was far more entertaining with Cerberus Knowingall. He was a loud drunkard and his personality was the same as a teenager's. But it was lively and even though she spent most of her free time with him and Spinnard, those two weeks meant a lot to her.copyright protection25PENANAAjpCqh9W3C

"Hogwarts, my dear! I have dearly missed you!" James Potter exclaimed. copyright protection25PENANArHQ0OK7Z1e

"D'you think he'll fall on his knees and give the floor a smooch?" Cissney asked, walking between Alice and Ophelia. copyright protection25PENANAxl6yVG1NCH

"That would be entertaining but I don't think he will." Lily answered, keeping her voice low so Potter won't hear.copyright protection25PENANAac1zOsRXoV

"By the way, Pheli, how was Christmas? I have to say I was surprised when I saw your gift." Cissney started smiling at the brunette, "I didn't expect your owl to find me." copyright protection25PENANAAQDrQrbXrc

"I hope you liked it." Whatever Ceberus bought you, she would have wanted to continue but better not. copyright protection25PENANAbYxhxtYygA

"I did! I hope you liked mine too!" Cissney smiled widely making it hard to answer bluntly. Ophelia nodded and so the peace was not disrupted. copyright protection25PENANAgqMi0BKRy8

Dinner that day was incredibly messy and loud. Dumbledore had to rise and silence the students twice in order to actually welcome everyone back. Next to McGonagall, standing proudly at the staff table with a sneer was Spinnard. He kept his eyes on his plate for most of the time and only when necessary did he raise his head and conversed. copyright protection25PENANAN9YqAPSLMj

"Spinnard seems as excited to be back as a troll falling into a lake. Believe me, they don't like water nor know how to clean up." Frank Longbottom started the conversation.copyright protection25PENANAYYiwgP0eog

"He doesn't look like he had a jolly Christmas. He's probably spent it all alone in his one room house among a lot of dark artifacts."copyright protection25PENANAOFHAXIbIAK

"Or in a pub, drinking his sorrows away." copyright protection25PENANARnTQOuFGgs

Ophelia raised an eyebrow and listened with amusement to all the scenarios the boys could think of. It was funny to compare Spinnard's image at home with his image anywhere else; it wasn't much of a difference in personality but there was definitely one in looks. copyright protection25PENANA0eqiLG8LVx

Unconsciously, Ophelia's eyes moved on the Slytherin table, not somewhere particularly but overall. Unconsciously, again, her eyes fell over Rabastan Lestrange, who was smiling at a girl from Ravenclaw which was very curious.copyright protection25PENANA2JdKkaswT3

"Cissney, who's that blonde that seats right across Gethsemane? The know-it-all from Ravenclaw," The brunette asked the person who most definitely knew everything about everyone at Hogwarts.copyright protection25PENANAhKqbBeFgVV

It took Cissney a few minutes to figure out who that girl was but in the end she nodded to herself and went back to eating her dessert, adding through bits, "That's Helena Trainer, a fifth year Ravenclaw. Why?"copyright protection25PENANAIVa9dVQmGL

"Oh, a muggle born, isn't she?"copyright protection25PENANATJu6tPhWla

Cissney raised an eyebrow and turned to Lily, curious and confused why Ophelia was suddenly so interested in blood ranks and Ravenclaws.copyright protection25PENANAZCVpNxEtNA

"How do you know if she is a muggle born or not? She may be a half blood," Alice interfered, genuinely interested where the brunette witch was leading to.copyright protection25PENANAowvyGJuw5b

"The name. Rabastan, Rodolphus, Lucius, Sirius, Cissney...there's obviously a pattern here." Ophelia replied as if that was a simple answer and they should have thought about it by themselves.copyright protection25PENANAhYUM5nCmjY

"I'm a pureblood too and my name is James."copyright protection25PENANAxiBtIo0nSO

"Yes, a bit common. But your father's name makes up for it." She mumbled the last bit, looking down at her plate and starting to play with her leftovers. "So, how was your break, Potter?" Ophelia replied, innocently diverting their attention to something else.copyright protection25PENANAYgltP1ckyi

James raised an eyebrow and exchanged a suspicious look with Sirius before he spoke. copyright protection25PENANAvQhqDmNfJ7

"Didn't know you were interested in my personal life, badge. Glad to know we've become so close." He said with a wide smile. having no idea what his father has been doing for the past two weeks but getting a suspicious vibe from the green eyed witch.copyright protection25PENANAdhqOK9dLx5

"We haven't, though." She mumbled, drawing Remus' attention.copyright protection25PENANAAvmVZcXcxw

After dinner, the long trails of students of every age were crowding most of the castle, which wasn't exactly in Spinnard's favor. He had to stand at the staff table and eat as if the last two weeks haven't happened and Ophelia's mind wasn't being manipulated by her father.copyright protection25PENANAu2mLsZ7gfR

"Going to read that letter a thousand times more, Luce?" Cerberus asked, morphing right in front of his former colleague's eyes. "We both know Vernon trusted very few people and no matter how much you dislike it, Dumbledore was one of them."copyright protection25PENANAos8PhSZvEw

"It's not Dumbledore that I don't trust, it's her. In case you haven't noticed, Rabastan and Lucius are Slytherins from pureblooded dark wizards.  Her closest friend is also a Slytherin that's been swaying between goodness and darkness."copyright protection25PENANABe2X91a7dH

"And you're pushing her towards them with your insufferable personality. You were Vernon's best friend so why can't you treasure what he treasured?" Cerberus asked, connecting his hands behind his back and straightening his posture while walking. copyright protection25PENANADHK0td0Btf

"I'm not Vernon. I can't sacrifice more than I already have. Tom will kill me if what I teach his daughter ends up being in his disfavor."copyright protection25PENANAsSIAH0tGv7

Cerberus nodded with a blank expression, which wasn't exactly a sight Luce was accustomed to. The owl man stopped and tilted his head to the side, expecting someone to catch up. The thing that ran towards them was a black kitten with wide blue eyes that seemed to be judging the cold wizard.copyright protection25PENANAd6lf4vhfCu

"Who are you more afraid to disappoint, Luce? Your best friend or the wizard you admired during your school years? They're both watching you fervently, you know," the owl man spoke in such a low tone that Luce was curious if that wasn't Vernon talking instead of the goofy Quidditch player.copyright protection25PENANAWgcHgFUggn

"I have already disappointed Vernon in the moment I killed Lillian's mother." Luce hissed, his eyes darkening at the memory.copyright protection25PENANAvIgejXeMEJ

"The past doesn't matter. The future does and if you don't work with the rest of us, you may as well go and become one of Lord Voldemort's henchmen. That's how he calls himself now, doesn't he? A Lord." Cerberus continued, his features morphing back into a brown owl before he flied towards what looked like Dumbledore's office.copyright protection25PENANATSPf7UKo9n

Spinnard sighed heavily and rubbed his face, feeling like he just fought with his best friend. One faint yet audible hiss drew Luce's attention to his surroundings. It was dark and that corridor was not one of the usual routes students took. The hiss seemed to linger in the air and even lure Luce up the stairs towards the Astronomy Tower. Knowing fully well what he was walking into, the dark haired wizard followed the hiss into what he believed was an unfortunate and not needed meeting.copyright protection25PENANAT6D5NTLH92

"I should have expected you to be here and not him." Spinnard started, the elegant yet hateful man turning to look at the professor. "He's not going to visit me ever again, is he? He has his henchmen after all."copyright protection25PENANA5FLlT4j7RY

"That tongue of yours will be the death of you, Spinnard." copyright protection25PENANAQLQG0YALnK

"Aeron, is that the way you talk to someone as old as I am? Where's that characteristic Lestrange politeness? Or did you lose it all in the courtroom, with the dark wizards that you exonerated?"copyright protection25PENANA8gQLmEE8lN

Aeron Lestrange growled but didn't step from the shadows of the night. A thin, long snake groveled from behind his legs towards Spinnard but did not reach him. There was enough space between them for Spinnard to defend himself but one look in those eyes and he knew he was being watched by the reason behind all his troubles.copyright protection25PENANAarsVNm07tR

"I can only guess the Lord has deeds for me, doesn't he?"copyright protection25PENANA5kCW1DUCoh

"Do not let anyone enter his daughter's mind. There is a furry little problem running around Hogwarts, trying to enter her consciousness. The Lord wants you to remove the pest." Aeron informed the elder, a smirk playing on his lips at Luce's frown. "Not so talkative now, are we, Spinnard?" copyright protection25PENANAmwydhVRV3d

But how could he say something when Tom was more or less forcing him to kill his best friend.copyright protection25PENANAJeFc9syaA2

"So, let me see if I understand. If get on this stick, it will jump with me?"copyright protection25PENANA1GmECnhxZG

"You have to push a bit on it in order to work but pretty much, yes. It jumps with you."copyright protection25PENANAPmcnzujqqm

Arthur Weasley's eyes haven't sparkled so brightly ever since he saw muggle children fight over a comic book that seemed to have a little car as a present. Those two boys were savage now that he was thinking about it but this new toy that Cissney brought to Hogwarts was funnier.copyright protection25PENANAEaAjmKLVUm

Once he pushed a bit, the ginger boy started to jump around the common room as if someone cursed him. copyright protection25PENANAYW2lAFJScJ

"This is amazing!" He said, almost falling over Charlie Wood, who was writing a list of schemes for the new Quidditch team. It seemed they had to refine their game or else Slytherins will win the Quidditch House Cup. copyright protection25PENANAz15MpFgI5H

"It's not going too well, Charlie?" James asked with a tinge of smugness. He wasn't allowed to play just yet and just because Charlie didn't see James' full potential did not mean he didn't have it. "Maybe you should let old Gideon Prewett prepare for his future and let me take his place."copyright protection25PENANA5JRG3eqOal

"That is not going to happen, Potter!" Fabian Prewett screamed from the top of the stairs towards the boys' dormitory. "Gideon's dream is to play Quidditch at a professional level!" Fabian added, knowing his brother the best.copyright protection25PENANAb8hdtSSdL5

Potter scoffed loudly, rolling his eyes for everyone to see his skepticism. Sirius was reading a book and stealing glances at the way Ophelia seemed to be playing with a ball. He squinted a bit but was sure she was fumbling with a Rememberall.copyright protection25PENANAWl617wGnfM

"Wood's being a prick and nobody, nobody seems to take it to the heart!"copyright protection25PENANA5kwW0zbrol

"That's because we are not directly involved." Remus muttered, not raising his head from his own book, which was far thicker than Sirius'. "But if you make it to the team, then everyone we'll cheer for you." The smart boy added knowing it will flatter the glasses boy.copyright protection25PENANAMzu4NXXGbJ

"I want to watch you fly, Potter."copyright protection25PENANAL74S9boQzD

There was a small, very quiet break in which if you were listening closely, you could hear Potter's mind registering Ophelia's randomness.copyright protection25PENANADEY9BZJMq8

"Do-Do you?" He stuttered out once he realized what she said.copyright protection25PENANA7dIBhvzfbK

"Yes. I believe I enjoy watching you fly. It looks elegant." copyright protection25PENANAYWR2P1ddRN

One book fell on the floor and it wasn't clear whose it was because the others just put everything aside and turned their attention on the two second years. copyright protection25PENANARurQE2PoOg

"Have you eaten some of those clay-like cupcakes at dinner? Or maybe-"copyright protection25PENANAxWtfxLL60X

"These two weeks have been enlightening, to say the least." She answered, fumbling with the ring that she hasn't taken off once. "I want to enjoy every day here, at Hogwarts and watching you play Quidditch is enjoyable." copyright protection25PENANARZUJ1JKfXC

"Well, that's a surprise. Last time I told you anything about Quidditch, you ignored me all together." Charlie pitched in, walking next to Potter who was still dumbstruck. copyright protection25PENANA2P7tFMwval

"I said I enjoy watching you fly and play not talking about it. It's boring from the moment you start talking about brooms."copyright protection25PENANALHheXO0JV1

"But brooms are important in Quidditch, badge. You fly on them, remember? They have to be fast and steady or else you're just hanging in the air."copyright protection25PENANAGM0Aw2jghg

"True that, Potter. Besides, I don't always talk about brooms. I also talk about-" That was it before Ophelia turned her attention on the Rememberall she was fumbling with. She could still hear Charlie's voice speaking but the words were not reaching her at all. copyright protection25PENANATk60NLMkgX

"You're lucky Potter's here or else Charlie would notice you're ignoring him again." Remus mumbled, being the closest person to her spot near the window. "By the way, I heard you spent Christmas with a family friend. Is that a wizard? Because you seem to have missed something here." copyright protection25PENANAF2FWgCLhmG

Always perceptive that Remus Lupin, even as a 12 years old boy. Ophelia chuckled and shook her head, her dark locks swaying with the movement. copyright protection25PENANAi2tjCZlWgD

"Nothing happened during the break. Nothing at all." She lied with a content smilecopyright protection25PENANAd9XjaL5X6l

But that couldn't be said afterwards, because it was more than obvious that Ophelia's DADA skills have improved. Detention with Spinnard ended and so classes where the only times one could really see the change. But even so, there was one class that was still burdensome for both the professor and his student.copyright protection25PENANAULnzHEcsWy

"You've been practicing a lot this summer, haven't you?" Severus asked, partnering up with Ophelia like all the times when Lily was snatched away.copyright protection25PENANA9fBCydCUaS

"Does it show? Rabastan helped me even during the holidays." She commented, for the first time in two years having done everything on the board correctly. "Aren't you going to ask how could Rabastan Lestrange tutor me when he didn't have to?"copyright protection25PENANAyn2wHdiMao

"No." He answered, being careful to add the bat spleen to their Swelling Solution. "My holidays have been dreadful, to put it in a simple description." copyright protection25PENANA849vERaRk7

"Thank you for the potion, Sev. I'll use it wisely." Ophelia muttered with a smile on her lips but the Slytherin scoffed, knowing well that 'wisely' meant 'cheating' more than anything. "Also, has Malfoy decided when he'll teach dark arts? The new term has begun and I have to-"copyright protection25PENANAqtm26VfIQq

"No. If the others see you in that class, you can say goodbye to your peaceful days in Hogwarts." The boy mumbled, leaning towards her with his owlish eyes narrowed at her. "Don't be foolish and stay away from Slytherins."copyright protection25PENANAAoNDVvQdh1

"But that's exactly what muggles do; when they gain interest, they pester to the point they endanger themselves."copyright protection25PENANABp6KVLC5CW

"But you're not a muggle, Ophelia." Severus hissed, irritated that someone could be so blinded by their selfishness. "What happens in that room will most likely mirror in your behavior around your friends. You're not a secretive person, as you can see. You have been telling me everything that's happened for the past two years. You're naive to believe that-"copyright protection25PENANAc3qz5wulek

"We're friends." She interrupted, taking him by surprise, "We're friends, aren't we, Severus? That's why I tell you almost everything. Or am I just your Lily informer?"copyright protection25PENANALPJzsE4jSl

For a moment, the class seemed to have shifted into an empty room and the greasy haired boy couldn't form his thoughts into words. He tried to deny it but one glimpse at the Gryffindor table in the corner and all his happy memories with the redhead surfaced into his mind, surpassing the mystery and trouble he's gotten into ever since he met the brunette witch. copyright protection25PENANAktLqeGbQMO

Ophelia looked down at her cauldron, the potion boiling inside calmly. She could enter her friend's mind and see the answer even if it wasn't the one she wanted to hear. The 12 years old girl was disappointed but that emotion seemed to soften up as she looked down at her ring. As long as she had her father, everything was going to be alright.copyright protection25PENANANYSdyYJ2jX

Lucius Malfoy was on his way to his last class of the day, double Potions, when he stopped mid-step on the stairs down towards the dungeons. He knew who was the short person hiding in the shadows, keeping so close to the walls now that she had nothing to hide behind. copyright protection25PENANAn5N6FfLJzD

"I would have been flattered if someone of higher skill would have followed me but not you, Molley. You're incredibly bad at it." He said, continuing his way to the classroom.copyright protection25PENANA5U7Qllxxcj

"I want to know when will the dark arts lessons begin." She stated firmly. copyright protection25PENANAmZiecQcVTw

The blond sighed, irritated that someone so naive wanted to enter a world that she couldn't even imagine, not to say she had the traits of a Gryffindor and those were not exactly what the dark arts were about. Even worse was that professor Spinnard told him to practically let her fall into any danger there might be and not use a finger to help her out of it. copyright protection25PENANATgCGnhW81v

"Ask Snape. He's your friend, isn't he?" The blond started, not expecting the answer that followed.copyright protection25PENANAM6qTXLeviq

"Not now, he's not."copyright protection25PENANAOEp6TCX6xQ

Malfoy raised an eyebrow and glanced at her over his shoulder, his blue eyes looking down on her short form -at least compared to him. As his eyes inspected her with a glazed look, apathetic to her emotions and needs, he caught sight of her right hand. She was gripping the side of her robe and something on her finger was sparkling. He couldn't see exactly what it was but he swore it glistened in a green light, which was not exactly the favorite color of a Gryffindor.copyright protection25PENANACq6e6uw3Cx

"Maybe it's time you turn for help to one of your house mates. You'll never be a Slytherin so you better stop meddling into our business. Whatever my house does, it shouldn't concern you."copyright protection25PENANAypEYiCKx73

"But Spinnard said-"copyright protection25PENANAYVIo2B0ZHx

"I don't care what professor Spinnard said. Forced by circumstances, I did give you a glimpse of the dark arts but that's all. Rabastan won't help you either. From now on, if you want so badly to do what your house detests, you should do it by yourself." Malfoy hissed before he turned around and hurried to class, leaving a little girl all by herself in the corridor.copyright protection25PENANAQkYXz5r584

Watching Ophelia from the side, the black fur ball sighed, though it looked like it had sneezed. He was a bit disappointed that she wasn't asking Cerberus or Dumbledore what she should do with this new interest into dark arts but he also knew it was deeply rooted in her as a person and her father's influence was growing every passing day. Even so, instead of going into the common room where her friends were happily chatting and doing homework, she chose to return to the DADA classroom and spend some time in there, staring at her serpent ring. The kitten took a few steps towards her, guessing that she might raise her head and smile at the innocent looking animal. She didn't; she kept her full attention on her father's gift.copyright protection25PENANACHtgGMSqjZ

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