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    Arianna Courson
    Arianna Courson
    (First of all, please don't message me for promotion and other marketing stuff. I will not respond.)
    Hello! My name is Arianna, I am a professional writer/author (defiantly not famous yet :,) )who enjoys writing romances and love stories. (I write erotic romances and romances for teens!) I also love my dog, Bella and have an irrational fear of wasps (-w-)b

    I've self-published about six books (not counting the ones I took off Amazon because they suck), and have a single novel that is currently with a professional publisher! Feel free to check them out!

    Silence Me (Young Adult Paranormal Romance with fallen angels)

    Quiet, now (YA Paranormal romance between vampire/werewolf and snow angel)

    Corrupted (YA paranormal romance between shadow fairy and mutated angel)

    The Silent Kiss (YA paranormal fantasy romance between a witch and a fallen angel, and a twist off Cinderella)

    Lullaby (still preorder)

    Obsession (Erotic romance between a twenty year old mafia leader and a nineteen year old girl)

    With Publishing:
    Wild Fire (YA paranormal romance between a fallen angel and a phoenix)

    Book three "The Dark Fated Ones" coming soon
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“Paris...?” I whispered as I entered the dark room, heart pounding at the menacing silence. “Paris? Are you in here?”

All my ears met were silence, and I was about to exit—to look somewhere else…

But I was shoved against the wall, crying out, though it was muffled by a hand. 

“Shhh...” Paris murmured, voice low, “don’t scream.”

What was he doing?

But it only took a moment before I felt his hand slip in between my thighs, and I clenched.

He always knew I liked that. Goddamn it.

“I’m going to take you tonight,” he whispered in my ear, still covering my mouth as warmth pooled in my belly. “I’m going to take you and make you mine, will you let me?”

I nodded numbly, heart pounding.

“Good,” he responded. “Now I’m going to take my hand away, and you’re going to be a good girl and be quiet.”

I nodded.

And he took his hand away from my mouth, little whimpers escaping my lips while he kept stroking me.

He leaned forward, Me closing my eyes while I waited for the kiss, but he only whispered, “Let the games begin. Do you want to see who will win this game?”

I knew he was talking about who would climax first, but I still nodded despite me never doing this before.

“Say it aloud like a good girl.”

I winced as he kept stroking ever-so-gently. “Yes, please.”


Riley Princes was a nineteen-year-old girl; a senior in high school and the graduating class of 2023. 

But that’s when it all fell apart.

Years earlier, when Riley was ten, her father had been brutally murdered, which the police named manslaughter by a mugger.

But that was far from what happened.

When Riley turned eighteen, her best friend, Bella Swans was found murdered in an alleyway, and as her senior year passed, she was unhealthily determined to find the killer.

Until he came.

Paris Lucan, the boy she never even acknowledged came into her life, determined to break her habits.

She was going to get herself killed.

But despite Riley struggling to place if he was the killer, there was an even bigger secret he was hiding.

That he was the mafia king of California.

And even when he wanted to save her from the murderer, there was something else they both wanted.

And they weren’t sure how long it could hold back.

For Riley had a new obsession, another unhealthy determination that she couldn’t control.

Paris Lucan.