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    Areem Nasir
    Areem Nasir
    Areem Nasir

    Quote that defines me: Don't be so quick to judge me, after all you only see what I choose to show you.

    Quotive Advice: The pen that writes your life must be held in your own hand.

    Enthralling audiences across Penana, Wattpad, and Webnovel with riveting novels & songs. Die-hard music and Charlie Puth fan. Spends spare time penning thoughts on Blogger and Penana. Wolf and husky enthusiast, survives on a diet of suspense thrillers and action movies with 'Train To Busan' topping the list.

    Anime addict, 'Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood' holds a special place in the heart. A polyglot, adept in both English and Japanese. An aspiring beaurucrate with roots anchored in love for Japan & Germany.

    Get lost in the fascinating world of anime, painting , or sprint across the field with a football under the moonlit sky, I'm game! School cricket team captain & the force behind my school gang.

    Not just a wordsmith, but a captivating singer, skillful painter, fervent sportswoman, intuitive writer, and an effective leader.

    Black color embodies me best. A sensible, open-minded youngster who follows her heart. Adventure is my middle name and independence, my game. Defying norms with my tomboyish charm.

    Join me as I pen a new adventure, song or story every day. Unleash the creative, inspirational, and self-sufficient individual within you!

    Your interaction is my motivation! Let's embark on this journey together; let's redefine boundaries and shatter the glass ceilings!

    "Empower Your Journey, Ignite Your Passion - Follow My Life, Fuel Yours!"

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Yona Daisuke, the daughter of Japan's president, finds herself trapped in a life controlled by her father's ambitions. Despite her father's plans for her, Yona's true passion lies in becoming a singer. With a voice more beautiful than she can imagine and a talent for playing the violin, Yona embarks on a journey to pursue her dreams and break free from her father's expectations. Along the way, she discovers the power of music to inspire and heal, while also navigating the challenges of balancing her personal desires without her father's demands.

"Sometimes, the sweetest melodies are found in the courage to break free and sing our own song."